Rigging and Rolling…

…in the PNC
Your Eyewitness has been doing yeoman service by keeping you, Dear Readers, in the loop about the goings-on inside the PNC. After unleashing terror on the Guyanese nation every decade or so when they don’t get their way, it’s in all our interest at signs of restiveness from that quarter. Forewarned is forearmed and all that! Especially when it could be a stiff forearm, with a knife coming your way.
Well, as he last reported, there’s simmering resentment bubbling – more like those volcanoes-about-to-explode resentment – against the leadership style of David Granger. The said “style” being to remain in hiding and incommunicado for months on end in his brother’s house at Pearl, EBD. In the meantime, to the anxiety, angst, and anger of PNC supporters, the PPP hasn’t been resting on its laurels after Granger accept the voters’ March 2 verdict.
What raised their ire even further was the said Granger had persuaded them that they’d been robbed by the cunning and treacherous PPP! Why, they’re pleading with arms raised to the heavens, would Granger now leave them hanging and dangling in the wind?
So all sorts of petitions are being figuratively nailed at the gate at Pearl (NOT the Pearly Gates!) demanding that the occupant Granger must go! Of what use is a Sanctimonious Gangster when he wouldn’t even drop to his knees praying for his arch enemy to be impaled? Anyhow, your Eyewitness was told that the discontented were mustering their troops to mount an attack against Granger at the PNC Congress that’s constitutionally due (by the PNC’s constitution, that is) before the end of this year.
It’s obvious that Granger must’ve gotten wind about the plot (not too difficult since even a rank outsider as your Eyewitness got the news!) since his handmaiden (the term is used merely nominally!) General Secretary Anna Ally just (virtuously) announced that because of COVID 19, the Congress mightn’t be held!! The leadership (read Granger) doesn’t want to expose the membership to dangers. At the last Congress – which was rigged to usher in Granger – gunshots were fired. Granger mightn’t only be talking about COVID-19, but Glock 19s!
The problem with anyone trying to remove Granger is that the PNC has a long albeit inglorious history of rigging and it all begins with controlling the voting mechanisms. Just as he showed when the national elections were on the cards, Granger would’ve already placed his minions and myrmidons in place to ensure the votes are cooked just the way he wants them to be!
There’s gonna be no palace coup or putsch in the PNC at any Congress.
Challengers will have to launch a new PNC.

…on election or constitutional reform?
The head of the EU Observer Mission just presented their Report on our record-breaking elections (for length to declaration of results and possibly for chutzpah in rigging!) to some stakeholders, including the Government and Opposition. Your Eyewitness is amazed at how shameless Harmon has to be to read the stinging indictment by the team and still have a smile on his face! He shoulda been hanging his head in shame. Today there will be a large gathering at the ACCC to discuss the Report.
But what’s very troubling is that some are trying to drag in constitutional change to introduce “power sharing” into electoral reform – which the Government agrees to – and which will need SOME constitutional change. But the two are NOT equivalent and mustn’t be conflated. Our Constitution already has the necessary provisions to ensure that a Government can be formed by the majority – as is required by democratic norms.
Don’t try to fix something that’s not broken – just to get the PNC into Government.

…against Jagan
It’s a tribute to Jagan – whose birthday is today – that even though Burnham and his PNC rigged elections for 28 years with the backing of the West, he stuck to democracy to effect regime change.
Bravo, Dr Jagan!