Rights, wrongs …and survival

In case you missed it, yesterday was declared by the UN to be “Human Rights Day”. And, as usual, there was a declared theme: “Dignity, Freedom, and Justice For All.” Now, what in the world does that mean?? Is there any “Dignity, Freedom and Justice For All” in having hundreds of thousands of human beings – even millions – dubbed “refugees” and refused admission to the countries that have made them flee their own countries, to begin with??
Rather than looking too far afield, let’s just consider next-door Venezuela and not-so-far-away Haiti. What kinda human rights are their citizens experiencing right now?? And to appreciate their plight, those old enough to remember have a duty to pass on their personal experiences when the depredations of the Burnham dictatorship caused half of our country to flee, and then knock from “pillar to post” across the world! Same thing, ain’t it?? Leaders who’re totally anti-democratic, and run their countries like their personal fiefdoms, to grind their citizens into the ground.
Imagine, Venezuela has the largest deposits of oil in the world, and its citizens have to forage for food from garbage cans. And Haiti staged the first and only successful slave rebellion in the world – only to have a string of dictators make them exist worse than slaves!! The UN’s founding principle was it wouldn’t intervene into the “internal” affairs of its members, but we know from our bitter experience that this is just a good ole boy agreement to turn a blind eye to each other’s excesses towards their citizens.
But after they turned a blind eye to similar atrocities in Rwanda – even as 800,000 were hacked to death and their bodies floated downriver, the UN finally started to push a doctrine of R2P – the Right to Protect – by intervening when such atrocities are being committed. So we had interventions in Bosnia, in Europe, when the Serbs were butchering the Bosnians. While, in Venezuela, Maduro can say with a straight face that he holds elections and the citizens return him year after year because they like to suffer, what’s the reason for the hesitation to intervene in Haiti to protect the human rights of ordinary Haitians?? There, the incumbent President had links to the gangs and groups who hired Colombian mercenaries to assassinate his predecessor, and conceded sovereignty to the said gangs and groups while ordinary Haitians risk life and limb and everything else to get into the United States!! Where’s the dignity and justice for them?
In the meantime, our local woke groups who protested their right to end up in Brazilian favelas are quiet on insisting that the international community get involved.
O judgment! Thou art fled to brutish beasts!!

…and hope
Your Eyewitness was told that the US has passed a “Global Fragility Act” – actually, a “Global Failed-State Act”, but it ain’t politically correct to say “failed state” no mo’!! That’s even worse that “sh*thole country”!! Anyway, the Act authorises their Government to “pre-emptively” get involved (NOT “intervene”!!) to work with locals to set matters right. Now, your Eyewitness knows he’s gonna raise a lotta eyebrows when he says he welcomes this move by the Yanks.
Right off the bat he figures that since they’ll be getting involved OPENLY – before the local tyrants’ sh*t hits the fan – it’s not in their interest to allow matters to get outta hand!! So, to keep on with our local illustration, those nutcakes who’re calling for an “armed insurrection” like the “Buxton Freedom Fighters” against the legally elected PPP Government are just baying at the moon!! The US ain’t gonna allow that!!
They already took enough heat for Fat Boy forty years ago – and they don’t even have to deal with a doctrinaire PPP!

…and hard ears
While there’s a lot of gnashing of teeth by the Opposition about the unemployment problem in “their” communities, which they’re guarding against PPP “subversion”, why don’t they assist them to cultivate the ancestral lands??