Rising profile… with the US

One of the dailies reported that a little bird (a “source”, it’s called!) whispered into its ears that US Secretary of State Blinken’s gonna be dropping by in June. Now, that’s a big deal, no matter how you slice or dice it. A US Secty of State’s so high up their Govt’s totem pole that they’re practically in the clouds! If the tip pans out, this’ll be only the second Secty of State to drop by; the first being big Mike Pompeo, who came to signal the PNC riggers that the US won’t be turning a blind eye to their shenanigans – unlike in the Burnham days.
But even with Guyana then getting the attention of several US Presidents – from JFK to Reagan, – no Secty of State came down. And two in two years? What’s going on? Back then, we’d become the cynosure of America’s eyes because of the Cold War and their strategic interest in keeping out the Ruskies from this hemisphere. Since we were in their backyard – made “official” with their “Monroe Doctrine” – they felt Jagan’s flirtation with Moscow was “eye pass”!!
But the Cold War’s been over since 1989, so what’s the new strategic interest?? Well, while most folks saw the Cold War as “ideologically” based…that was just the stalking horse for the economic interests at stake!! And this is the bottom line whenever the US is involved in any situation around the world. The business of America is business, and they’ll always defend it to the wire!! And Exxon’s stake in our Stabroek block is as big a business as you’d want!! Until, of course, Venezuela – with its largest oil preserves in the world – is brought back into the fold!!
The fact that the US is testing Russia via Ukraine, and that has led to energy concerns – not to mention inflationary pressures – just adds to the mix of interests. So, after Blinken just tried to read the Riot Act to India’s Foreign Minister (and was sharply reproved) for not voting in the UN to censure Russia’s invasion, are we going to get some of that medicine?? After all, we recently abstained on kicking out Russia from the UN Human Rights body!
Your Eyewitness doesn’t think so, since our vote’s inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. If it were linked to any Government’s anti-Exxon sentiment – as some are pushing for – that’d be a horse of a different colour!! And certainly NOT a white horse!! And it’s for this reason that Norton was well advised not to jump on that particular bandwagon! Chavez kicked out the oil majors, and look where that got him – and his country!!
So, let’s thank the PPP, and roll out the red carpet for Blinken!!

…of social media
If there were any doubts about the importance of social media – hiding under a rock!!? – in our world, it should be removed with Elon Musk’s US$43 BILLION offer for Twitter!! The eccentric Musk – the Howard Hughes of our age! – who made his fortune with electric-car pioneer Tesla – insists he wants to “democratize” social media. A not-too-subtle dig at Zuckerberg’s Facebook/WhatsApp empire that has been criticised for trying to put a brake on free speech.
All your Eyewitness knows is that a bunch of billionaires are getting more and more control of our lives. For what it’s worth, Musk has shown himself to be much more opinionated that any of his (billionaire) peers as to “how the world should work”. In the meantime, the present Board of Twitter has created a “poison pill” to prevent Musk’s takeover. Without getting too much in the details, it has created a situation that would destroy the company if Musk goes forward.
This war’s being fought with stock options!!

…of “Made in Guyana”
Your Eyewitness salutes Fibre Tech for becoming the first local company to kick off our “Made in Guyana” branding. They’ve been a pioneer in bathroom and kitchen fixtures of the highest quality for decades.