Roger Boyce IFBB Pro Classic: Rampersaud, Albert secure Pro cards

The Roger Boyce International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) Pro Classic 2024, which saw participation from several Guyanese athletes over the weekend in Barbados, culminated with two Guyanese, namely Hannah Rampersaud and Nicholas Albert securing their Pro cards, with Albert being the youngest in the Caribbean and Central America to do so.
Rampersaud, competing in the Women’s Wellness Senior up to 163cm category, won her category and went on to the overall where she placed second and secured her Pro card. Rampersaud now joins Laura Cravalle, 1979, and Rosanna Fung, 2022, as the third female Guyanese to win a Pro card and to be elevated to professional status in fitness and bodybuilding.

Hannah Rampersaud earned her Pro card

Albert, competing with five other athletes from Grenada, Mexico, Suriname, Barbados and Guadeloupe in the Men’s Bodybuilding Senior up to 90kgs category, dominated the field and won his category. In the bodybuilding overall, which brought together the winners from all the bodybuilding categories, Albert again dominated and comfortably secured first place and with it secured the often elusive Pro card. Albert, at 22 years of age, is the youngest athlete to win a Pro card in the Caribbean and Central America region and joins Sylvon Bruce Whatley, 2018, as the only two male Guyanese bodybuilding athletes to acquire professional status in the sport.
On the other hand, Julio Sinclair competed with three of the best heavyweight athletes in the region in the Men’s Bodybuilding Senior over 90kgs and narrowly missed out on a gold medal, but comfortably secured the silver medal.
Rosanna Fung, taking on her third professional competition since capturing pro status at CAC 2022, came in third in the Women’s Wellness category. This specific category was stacked with 10 other athletes from countries such as Czech Republic, Mexico, Jamaica, Haiti, Dominican Republic, and Paraguay.
In a missive, the Guyana Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (GBBFF) extended heartiest congratulations to the athletes on their great accomplishment on the international stage and went on to articulate gratitude to all sponsors, trainers, coaches and managers who worked with and supported the athletes.