Rugby Americas North tournament: GRFU waiting for permission from COVID-19 Task Force

– “The Green Machine is still feared in the Caribbean,” says GRFU President Ryan Dey

By Timothy Jaikarran

The Guyana Rugby Football Union (GRFU) has shown interest in competing in the Rugby Americas North (RAN) tournament which is scheduled for October 16 & 17 in the Turks & Caicos Islands.
GRFU President Ryan Dey has noted that while the union is awaiting permission from the COVID-19 Task Force, players have been given a fitness regime to which they must adhere until it is safe to return to action.

GRFU President Ryan Dey

In an interview with this publication, Dey was asked how the GRFU plans to tackle training, since it has not yet been given permission, and he responded as follows:
“While we’re awaiting the go- ahead from the Task Force to go into tackling, we (have given) the players a fitness regime to work with until such time; (but) we are hoping we get the okay from the Task Force before the new week.”
Dey has said he believes that once the members of the team have ample time to get themselves into that peak fitness and to rehearse the technical skills they have learnt from the team of experienced coaches during training, the Green Machine has a great chance of winning it all once again.

GRFU Head Coach
Theo Henry

Dey is convinced The Green Machine is still feared by all teams in the Caribbean, and he believes the mixture of seasoned players and hungry youths that comprise the team can result in something great happening.
“Like I said earlier, the guys have their fitness regime, and we are working with them to get to that stage by the time we iron out things with the Task Force.
“In terms of the safety of the players, we already have running masks for the guys. We will also be testing temperatures. We have a trained medic as well to look over any other prescribed measures the Task Force gives,” Dey added.
Dey disclosed that as far as fitness is concerned, most of the players are about 50% there when it comes to personal fitness. However, he said, the players must be game fit, and that can come only through playing rugby.
Dey is confident that once permission is give, The Green Machine can return to full fitness, as the team is being coached by the well decorated fitness icon Theo Henry, and he is absolutely certain that Henry has the requisite knowledge to get the local side back to optimum fitness.
In terms of selection, the GRFU boss has said there would be three tests carried out to determine who would be selected for the team being sent to the Turks & Caicos. the first test would be to determine the level of fitness, while technique and team play would be the other requirements.
The GRFU has shortlisted 34 players from whom to select the team. Their names are stated below.
From the Panthers Rugby Football Club: Godfrey Broomes, Jamal Angus, Osei McKenzie, Tyreese Prescod, Owen Adonis, Lancelot Adonis, D’Arcy Durant, Rondel McArthur, Kareem Fisher, and Selwyn Henry.
From the Caribs Rugby Football Club: Kempton David, Kevon David, Alex Crawford, Elio Cameron, and Makaya Smith.
From the Guyana Defence Force Rugby Football Club: Avery Corbin, Dwayne Schroder, Sean Phillips, Glenroy Poole and Jamal Mona.
From the Police Rugby Football Club: Shawn David, Odida Douglas, Marlon Small, Adrian Hall, Kareem Simon, Michael Barrow, Scott Garraway, Richard Butcher, and James Osborne.
From the Hornets Rugby Football Club: Ryan Gonsalves, Rickford Cummings, Peabo Hamilton, Patrick King, and Johnathan Garnett.
Theodore Henry has been selected as the Head Coach, and Laurence Adonis is the Assistant Coach. George David has been appointed Manager.