Running with the hares…

…and hunting with the hounds
Ain’t it wonderful that we were once ruled by the British? For one thing, we get to use all those quaint expressions that were drilled into our older generation and passed on to us. Like the one above. We certainly didn’t get a chance to just hunt for fun; any hunting our Indigenous Peoples – for example – did, it was for sheer survival!  But you get the idea, don’t you? The poor hare is the one being hunted by those brutes on horseback following their bloodthirsty hounds. It’s either you’re with the hare or the hounds!
But there are some oleaginous types who’d have the hare believe they’re REALLY on his side – even as they have their hounds ready to tear him apart. In Guyana, we have a more mundane idiom: to be like a “Dutch Axe” or a “razor blade”. That is, one that cuts from both sides! Your Eyewitness was reminded of this tendency when he saw reports of Leader of the Opposition (LOO), Joseph Harmon, and Leader of Dead Meat (LODM), Ramjattan, meeting US Ambassador Sara-Ann Lynch.
Wasn’t this the woman Harmon, Ramjattan and the rest of the mouldy crew of PNCites had denounced for “interfering” in Guyana’s internal affairs – namely the March 2 elections? Hadn’t they demanded that the Biden Administration – the moment Trump was voted out – revoke her appointment and get her out of Guyana? As far as the PNC were concerned, they made her persona non grata in whichever way possible. She was the hare, and they had loosed every hound they knew – from the Congressional Black Caucus to their paid lobbyists – to hunt her down.
Had they met the Ambassador to personally tell her to butt out of Guyana’s business? Well, not from the report your Eyewitness read! It was all smiles and simpering as they offered Ms Lynch crumpets and tea at the LOO’s office!! You ought to’ve seen Harmon and Ramjattan sticking their grizzled pinkies out!! So, what exactly did they want from Lynch? They told her that “the PPP/C Government should not be allowed to “ostracise a large section of the Guyanese population”.
Imagine that! After complaining about the Ambassador’s “interference” the PNC now WANT her to interfere with our country’s governance? So, it wasn’t our sacred sovereignty they’d been concerned about, was it? It was just that the “interference” wasn’t to support their rigging!! But even there, they’d been so flagrant about it with the Mingo Manipulations that the poor woman was put on the spot!
But your Eyewitness feels there’s more in the mortar than the pestle can pound.
He believes Harmon and Ramjattan were really begging for their US visas to be reinstated!

…out of prison
The news that Rondell “Killa” Bacchus, wanted for the gunning down on Main Street of Ricardo “Paper Shorts” Fagundes, had been released from prison just over a year ago brings up the vexing question of “recidivism”. That is, people who’re jailed for crimes but, after serving their time, simply return to their old criminal life.
Seems that “Killa” had been charged in 2008 for “murder, robbery under arms, possession of a firearm, and possession of ammunition”, but, after two mistrials, it wasn’t until May 2019 that “Killa” pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter and was sentenced to 16 years in prison. His lawyer insisted Killa had reflected deeply and was “rehabilitated”. The lawyer pleaded that, given the transformation his client had undergone while in prison, he’d positively contribute to society after being released.
He was released five months later, in October of the same year! And a year and a half later, he’s now charged with murder.
We should look at our recidivism rate!

…on intimate partner violence
In the news business, they say “if dog bites man, it’s not news. But if man bites dog, then you got yourself a headline”!
So, what about the woman who chopped her husband after an argument, and is now on the run?