Safety is of paramount importance to us at GYSBI

Dear Editor,
Please permit me space in your publication to respond to a letter published captioned, “I was accosted by three intimidating men at the gas-to-energy civil works’ landing site,” penned by Ms Elizabeth Deane Hughes.
In her letter, Ms Hughes stated, “On Saturday 4, March, 2023 while I was on the public road, in the permitted civic works area where the landing site is for workers being transported to this location, via the Demerara River, I was accosted by 3 men who had on white hard hats. They claimed I had no right to be there. They acted in an intimidating manner. Fearing for my safety, I was able to escape with my photographs intact.”
When she was observed having entered the construction site, Ms Hughes was approached by members of our staff, who explained to her the dangers of being there, especially without the required Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). There was no physical altercation during this time.
While Ms Hughes posited that these are public areas and are not advertised as closed locations to citizens, you would agree with me, Editor, that any active construction zone requires access controls. An unannounced, unprepared visitor creates danger for themself as well as workers at the site. Ms Hughes drove onto the site in excess of the location’s speed limits before abruptly parking at the truck-turning location. By doing so, she placed herself in immediate danger and endangered our truck drivers and equipment operators who could have been startled by her sudden presence and her excitable movements around the site.
Safety is of paramount importance to us at GYSBI. Our employees are trained and equipped to carry out their work safely. We are uncompromising in returning them safely to their families at the end of every workday. “Everyone gets home safe” has always been and remains our motto.
We remain open and committed to engaging anyone who wishes to learn more about our operations and projects, but request that this be done in a safe and engaged way.

Gomatie Gangadin,
Public Relations Manager
Guyana Shore Base Inc