Sand barge slams into boat on Corentyne River

…4 passengers forced to swim to shore

Four persons were forced to swim ashore on Saturday morning when a barge carrying sand slammed into the boat they were travelling in.
The incident occurred on the Corentyne River about four miles from Orealla.
Reports are that 45-year-old Gordon Herman, a farmer of Anora Point, Orealla, along with his father Kelvin Herman, 74, and two others were in a 22-foot boat being powered by a 15-hp engine when, according to the younger Herman, who was captaining the boat, they spotted the barge heading towards them.

The partly submerged boat in the Corentyne River on Saturday morning

He said he started to signal his light toward the captain of the barge in an effort to alert him that he was approaching their boat but within minutes he said that he felt a hard impact on his boat.
Fortunately, all four men were able to swim to shore with only minor injuries.
At the time, Herman was heading to Corriverton, which is located 50 miles from Orealla and the barge which is owned by a businessman of Springlands, Corriverton, was heading in the opposite direction. A report was made to the Police, who have since launched an investigation.
Barges go to Orealla to collect sand. Farmers and other residents travel to Corriverton to sell their agricultural produce and to purchase needed supplies. Many of them are forced to travel only when the tide is moving in the direction they wish to go because their outboard engines do not have the power to go against the tide at an economical speed. (G4)