Saving one life is making a difference

Dear Editor,
I think that all of us recognise and can clearly see that the spread of COVID-19 has had a major impact on the business community here in Guyana and Region 10. The business community in our area is diverse and made up of businesses large and small, from manufacturing to restaurants.
No matter the business, there is a near-universal understanding that slowing the spread of the virus and working to return to normalcy would be good for all of our citizens and obviously good for large segments of our local economy.
That desire to get back to normal business is why the Linden Chamber of Commerce and the Linden business organisations and community must establish a partnership with the PPP/C Government, a partnership with the small roadside businesses and NGOs, M&TC and companies region-wide by joining to Stop the Spread of COVID-19.
We must come together to mobilise our workforces, our customers, our vendors and our family and friends in advocating for the steps we know are effective in fighting back against COVID-19. COVID-19 cases are spiking. Whatever you think about the pandemic, the increase in cases could prompt public policy decisions that affect our business and our jobs.
Everyone in Linden and Region 10, especially our employers and employees should make their new year resolution to do even more to slow the spread of this disease by ensuring safe practices in the workplace and at home. It will be those mitigation steps that allow for a quicker and safer return to the life we knew before this global pandemic.
There are proven methods for safeguarding our health and stopping the spread. Places where people follow these steps are experiencing smaller spikes in the disease than in places where safe steps have not been followed. Let’s do what we can here in Linden and Region 10 to stop the spread!
As I reflected on the many earthly lives lost to this virus and the loved ones that remained behind to remember them, including those that have touched me in some way. Saving one life is making a difference. Even though vaccine supply remains a limiting factor, that will improve, Our Minister of Health, public health and other authorities are working feverishly to move that needle forward and our first responders, nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals are sacrificing much to fight this invader. Believe that! Our local health officers are a good source of coordinated information, let’s all stay connected with them and rely on them. There is sunshine at the end of this dark tunnel and I believe we will get there sooner with vaccination.

David Adams