Say no to the “non-officials”

Dear Editor,
The South-based USA individuals (impersonators?) “visiting” Guyana (not for the first time) on a “fact-finding” mission will not be privileged to meet the Guyana Government. Rashawn Ray, a young American sociologist, wrote on January 12th, 2021, “Make no mistake, the Capitol insurgency was about making America great for white people.” Is this group (offenders?) “touring” Guyana to be deemed “intellectual insurgents” and presenting itself as a veiled threat to make Guyana good for only one ethnicity? Let them be reminded that “One Guyana” is our resonated theme.
Ray continues, “In erecting a hangman’s noose, waving the Confederate flag and wearing white nationalist paraphernalia, including an Auschwitz Concentration Camp shirt, the domestic terrorists showed America they fundamentally believe in maintaining and enacting white supremacy.” Is the attire of this team (army?) a camouflage for something different, not yet revealed publicly and waiting for the opportune moment to fly a different flag above parliament and the court to show who should be controlling this nation?
We’re already dealing with a threatened Venezuelan issue. Do we have to address another invasion? We are six plus races, but one person.
The sociologist added, “Donald Trump, and Trumpism as an ideology, has opened Pandora’s Box of hate into the American mainstream, giving the permission some racists needed to reveal themselves proudly and wreak havoc on symbols of American democracy that have withstood wars and attacks for centuries.”
The “fact-finding” visitors (intruders?) are non-officials who are now enjoying the peace, progress and prosperity which the people of Guyana pervade in. They are residing in the Southern States of the USA. They live and breathe the paradigm of racism populating and polluting the hearts and minds of a toxic society. Is this a premeditated plan to spread the nature of such a disease? Our nation will not be divided.
Their “objective” certainly opens Pandora’s Box to delve into the history of past discriminative issues involving all ethnicities, and not just to concentrate on current issues of a particular ethnicity, if any! Many respected writers have already authored the narration of numerous incidents and events to guide the eyes and ears of those who want to indulge in “fact-finding.” But, of course, their agenda is completely different, and will not incur the involvement of any of the significant suggestions! They dare not tamper with anything that will not accommodate the wishes of their “sponsors.”
How cooperative will this “charade” be in concealing anything in contradiction to a calculated conclusion? Convoluted perpetrators will not be allowed to plot any plan that will prevent all Guyanese from participating in “One Destiny.”

Yours respectfully,
Jai Lall