School of the Nations principal says teen shooter flown out of Guyana

Dr Brian O’Toole

Almost three months after a teenager had shot him, School of the Nations Principal Dr Brian O’Toole on Thursday said the shooter has been flown out of Guyana.
According to O’Toole, the lack of prosecution and delay in justice is due to the fact that the parents of the teen flew their son out of the country less than 24 hours after he had committed the crime.
On Thursday night at the British High Commissioner’s residence in Georgetown, Dr O’Toole stated that regardless of the professions of parents, they should not allow their children to pursue the wrong path and engage in such illegalities.
“It does not matter what position you have in society. If you are the one that got your child out of the country the day after the shooting, then you have created a monster that is going to destroy his life, the life of your family; and if he is not brought to justice, God knows the mayhem that it’s going to cause,” O’Toole said.
He explained that as a result of the shooting, which was highly publicised in local and international media outlets, overseas-based Guyanese as well as foreigners are now questioning the state of Guyana with respect to crime.
“I am 95 per cent certain that the shooting was related to the horrible video game “Fortnight”, which incidentally Prince Harry has now started a campaign in England to ban that game,” the principal added.
Steps, he said, need to be taken, and initiatives should be put in place to curb violence involving students and other youths in the country; and this means that a multi-stakeholder approach is necessary.
On January 27th of this year, Dr O’Toole was shot three times as he was returning to his Bel Air, Georgetown residence, hours after an emergency meeting with parents and guardians about violent threats on social media to injure students and teachers of that school.
Earlier this year, Crime Chief Lyndon Alves told <<Guyana Times>> that Police had questioned four persons – both current and former students – in relation to the shooting of the school’s principal.
However, subsequent to the incident, there were several threats against the school on Facebook made by “Kira” (meaning killer), which is the alias of the main character in “Death Note” – a Japanese manga series that was later adapted into films.