Security officer played a “major role” in robbery – Crime Chief

Mayhem at Ramada Princess Casino
As Police continue their investigations into the robbery at Ramada Princess Hotel Casino, Crime Chief

Ramada Princess Hotel Casino
Ramada Princess Hotel Casino

Wendell Blanhum confirmed that the security guard whose gun and ammunition were taken away by the bandits, played a major role in the planning and execution of the robbery.
The head of the Criminal Investigations Department noted that the security guard and several other persons are in custody for the fiasco that went down at the gambling facility. He noted that the suspect who was arrested is cooperating with the Police and from information received; the Police went to the homes of the other suspects but came up empty handed.
Blanhum noted that at two of the houses, Police ranks unearthed wet clothing which indicated that the suspects returned home, changed their attire and left. He noted that Police are working closely with residents in the area with the hope of capturing the remaining robbers as soon as possible.
The Crime Chief also confirmed that the suspect who was arrested moments after the robbery is known to the Police, while adding that one of the three currently on the lam was only a few days ago released on bail on a gun related charge. The others have also had brushes with the law.
Pandemonium broke out at the gambling facility at about 03:45h on Friday after four gunmen stormed the casino and discharged several rounds as they relieved patrons and staff of cash and other valuables.
During the shooting, Eon Garraway was shot to his left hand, James Gregory was hit to the left foot, Orlando Knights received injuries to the left hand, and Udairan Sookraj was shot to his right hand. They were all admitted to a city hospital.
In addition, Melissa Ferguson, Jermaine Mason and Roshel Fraser were also assaulted by the armed men during the ordeal. Based on reports received, after the men entered the facility, they held a security guard on duty at gunpoint and took away his shotgun and several rounds of ammunition.
The men then ordered everyone to lie on the ground and escorted the security guard to the cashier’s cage where they relieved the cashier of an undisclosed sum of foreign and local currency. By this time, the Police were alerted about the robbery in progress and responded promptly.
As they arrived at the scene, they were confronted by the armed men, which resulted in an exchange of gunfire. During the exchange, Police Lance Corporal Andrew Richardson attached to Impact Base, Brickdam Police Station was shot to his abdomen. He was admitted to a city hospital and reportedly underwent emergency surgery.
Meanwhile, during the shootout, one of the bandits was captured and taken into Police custody. The firearm that was taken away from the security guard was recovered. The other three men managed to escape.
It was reported that the car that was used in the robbery was hijacked at Brush Dam, Buxton, on the East Coast of Demerara.