…destructive PNC
One of the loudest complaints by activists in our African Guyanese community is the relatively low number of businesses they own. Of course, the historical reasons for the condition that became systemic are trotted out to explain…but a fat lot of good it does to the community as they watch others speed past them on the economic front. OK…the huckstering of ground provisions from the “provisions ground’ that came out of the Sunday slave market was just about to take root after emancipation when the Portuguese immigrants pipped them because of the preferential credits they received from the British crown agents. Not to mention the stuff they could bring from Madeira – like cheap wine!!
So, you’d think when an African Guyanese starts a successful business, everyone – but especially fellow African Guyanese – would go out of their way and even stand on their heads to give them a boost up the ladder!! Well, when it comes to the PNC – the organization that’s been representing African Guyanese politically ever since Burnham split the PPP back in 1958 – you’d be wasting a thought!! Here we have it that, out in Region 11 – Brooklyn, NY – free from the constant weeping and wailing that African Guyanese just can’t get out from all the pressure that’s been put on them – by THE MAN! – they’ve been starting and running successful businesses, catering to their fellow Guyanese and West Indians – then up comes some PNC leaders, calling for them to be BOYCOTTED!!
Yeah…that’s right – as in fellow Guyanese and others mustn’t only not patronize them, but also prevent others from doing so!! The goal is to put these businesses out of business!! Now, why would the PNC want to destroy African Guyanese businesses??
Dear Reader, you better sit down before you hear this – the crime the Guyanese businesses committed was to shake hands and hang out with President Ali on the latter’s walkabout around the Guyanese neighbourhoods in Brooklyn!! Imagine that!!
Goes back to Norton’s refusal to shake Pressie’s hands, doesn’t it?? That’s his modus operandi when it comes to demonstrating disapproval – sheer truculence and hostility!! So, we shouldn’t be surprised he’s backed the boycott calls that emanated from a couple of Guyanese who hang out in Brooklyn and earn their living off social media – and as such have developed a whole lotta spunks!! What’s easier than mouthing off from their basements about things going on in Guyana about which they haven’t the foggiest notion!! They – including Norton – could take some lessons from that young PNC MP from Linden, who pellucidly laid out the consequences of the foolish boycott of their “own”.
But it’s a sad indictment of the short-sightedness of these so-called leaders when they can’t distinguish tactics from strategy.

The Caricom Implementation Agency for Crime and Security (IMPACS) has advised regional governments of a possible Pakistan-based Islamic state threat to the upcoming men’s T20 World Cup in June, that’s gonna be played in Guyana, other parts of the Caribbean, and the United States. This, of course, was blared from every newspaper, newscast and social media platform across the region. Now, your Eyewitness wants to know why would IMPACS want to make this announcement at this time??
They obviously know such a warning’s gonna deter lots of folks who were planning on enjoying their cricket!! This can be the only reason for the announcement. And when the usual crowds don’t show up – the terror group will announce their success – without having to get out from behind their keyboards!!
If IMPACS confirmed the threat, shouldn’t they be working to neutralise it, rather than making this big splash in the news??
Your Eyewitness expects that Pakistan would immediately hunt down those miscreants and subject them to Islamic Justice. Quick beheadings!!

Burna Boy has come and gone. But in your Eyewitness’s view, while organization of the show was impeccable, the local accompanying acts just weren’t up to scratch. But then, with all the drinking by the audience, did they even notice??