Seriousness, commitment to diversifying, opening economy

Dear Editor,
“You don’t need to second guess us. You don’t need to read between the lines.”, was the emphatic words of President Ali at the opening of the International Energy Conference and Expo 2022, as he proudly outlined the vastness of our natural resources and willingness to foster bilateral engagements and cement strategic relationships with international investors.
If they were any doubts about this administration’s seriousness and commitment to diversifying and opening our economy to the world for the benefit of all Guyanese then the president’s speech sought to pacify those concerns.
Make no mistake, Guyana is open for business. But more importantly, the president outlined a new business enabling development strategy that is also multifaceted which will utilize advancement in the Oil and Gas sector to support the development of our low carbon agenda aimed at economic sustainability and diversification.
Such a comprehensive development strategy will ensure our traditional sectors remain viable and competitive meanwhile allowing for the creation of newer areas of opportunity and growth thus ensuring job security for Guyanese.

Erin Northe