Setting Guyana apart for our future prosperity

Dear Editor,
I write with a sense of pride and optimism about the ongoing transformation taking place in Guyana. The rebranding and strategic positioning of our beloved country, coupled with a forward-thinking policy framework from the PPP/C Government, have yielded tremendous results for us as a nation and as a people. Today, it is heartening to witness Guyana’s presence being sought after in every international forum, where we are actively leading discussions on critical global issues.
What sets Guyana apart is our refusal to be solely dependent on the oil and gas industry for our future prosperity as capably articulated by President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali at his press conference on Saturday.
It is indeed welcoming that the Government is pursuing a balanced, holistic, and diversified portfolio that emphasises sustainability and resilience.
President Ali and his Cabinet deserve commendation for their steadfast commitment to effective governance in the face of persistent attempts by the opposition to exploit racial divisions as a diversionary tactic.
Their unwavering dedication to advancing a transformative agenda that prioritises the well-being and progress of the nation is truly commendable. By maintaining a focus on policy and development rather than succumbing to divisive strategies, President Ali and his Cabinet have demonstrated their resilience in the pursuit of a more inclusive and equitable future for our country.
This approach not only highlights their leadership qualities but also underscores their determination to foster unity and progress, ultimately serving the best interests of their nation and its diverse population.
In the first half of 2023, Guyana’s real GDP grew by a staggering 59.5%. Even more impressive is the fact that the non-oil economy grew by an impressive 12.3% during the same period. This is a direct result of the Government’s carefully crafted policy matrix, which focuses on revitalising traditional sectors as part of the expansive economic foundation.
Other sectors which have exemplified this transformative journey are agriculture, forestry, and fishing.
These sectors were on the brink of collapse in the aftermath of the previous Administration’s tenure. Forestry, for instance, was grappling with bankruptcy, and our farmers were burdened with excessive taxes and fees. The lack of capital investment in critical areas such as drainage and irrigation had left the agricultural sector struggling.
However, the Government’s proactive approach has turned the tide. Investments in forestry have rescued it from the brink of financial ruin. Moreover, agriculture, the backbone of our economy, has been revitalised, bringing relief to our hard-working farmers. These strategic interventions, alongside comprehensive support measures, have reinvigorated these vital sectors, breathing new life into Guyana’s economy.
It is important to recognise that Guyana’s journey toward sustainable growth is a collective effort.

Yours truly,
Brian Azore