Several communities in Mahaicony River remain flooded

Region 5 flooding

As floodwaters slowly recede in the affected areas of West Berbice, Region Five (Mahaica-Berbice), residents

The flood situation at Blairmont on Tuesday
The flood situation at Blairmont on Tuesday

and farmers in communities along the Mahaicony River continue to suffer losses. In an interview with Guyana Times on Tuesday, Regional Chairman Vickchand Ramphal explained that water in Trafalgar, Union and Lovely Lass have almost completely receded, while in the Mahaicony riverine communities, the floodwaters are high.

The Chairman explained that it is “very difficult” for the regional administration to intervene in these locations since the entire drainage network falls under the control of the Mahaica/Mahaicony/Abary-Agricultural Development Authority (MMA-ADA). He also noted that it is also a difficult undertaking to conduct irrigation and excavation to remedy the situation.

“For the areas that are affected, the region will need additional help to clean the trenches and residential drains; the water in Bushlot receded but the trenches are still clogged with the weeds,” he noted. The water at Blairmont is also receding.

Ramphal further expressed that he has informed the Civil Defence Commission (CDC) and the Agriculture Ministry of the situation and the need for relief in the affected communities. One of these communities was in the Amerindian settlement of Moraikobai, which can take some three hours to reach by boat. A medical team had been dispatched to the settlement but no outbreaks were reported.

“I spoke to the Toshao there and he said that the water has receded but not to the fullest but the damage was already done and they still are affected because they can’t go back to the farm as yet,” the Region Five Chairman told this newspaper.

“Farmers are calling for seed paddy, fertliser and even cash to put them back on their feet,” the Chairman opined. The Chairman stated that “over 60 acres” of rice crops were lost in the Mahaicony area.

The flood situation in Region Five has been occurring at intervals for the last several weeks. This latest period of flooding came as a result of heavy rains coupled with the reported faulty and damaged pumps. It was only Monday, that this newspaper highlighted that the mobility of residents at Blairmont was hindered as bridges were still under water.

Guyana Times was informed that the regional administration is monitoring the situation. On Sunday, it was reported that a regional team visited several communities along the Mahaicony River, most of which were flooded. This newspaper was told that because of the flooding in Moraikobai, villages such as Mora Point, Pine Ground and Gordon Table were also flooded. Many farmers in these villages said that they have lost some of their cash crops.

Over the last few weeks, this publication has been highlighting the challenges which communities in Region Five have been facing as a result of flooding. A breached dam along the Perth Canal in Branch Road, Mahaicony, led to significant acreages of rice lands being inundated last month.