Sexual allegations against Norton: PNCR Executive wants allegations to be treated with deserving “seriousness”

– calls for “merciless” attacks against alleged victim to end

In light of the recent sexual allegation made against the Leader of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNC-R), Aubrey Norton, his colleague Amanza Walton-Desir has said the nature of the allegation cannot be ignored, and must be addressed with the seriousness it deserves.

Former PNC MP
Vanessa Kissoon

Former Member of Parliament (MP) for Region 10, Vanessa Kissoon, in a video recording released on Wednesday, is accusing Norton of threatening to rape her at gunpoint. Following that revelation, Norton’s supporters have taken to social media to ridicule Kissoon, currently a Linden Town Councillor. In this regard, Walton-Desir has called for the “merciless” attacks against Kissoon to end.
“It is very important to note that Ms. Kissoon was asked by Mr. Norton to come forward and speak on this matter. It is therefore deeply troubling to see Ms. Kissoon being mercilessly attacked on social media. These attacks are unacceptable, and undermine the principles of unity, respect and support that should define us,” Walton-Desir has said.

Incumbent PNC Leader Aubrey Norton

Walton-Desir, who is also contending for position of Leader of the PNCR, added that the nature of the allegation cannot be ignored, and must be addressed with the seriousness it deserves.
“We must stand against any form of victim-blaming or victim-shaming. Especially as women, we must lean into our better angels and our God-given ability to nurture, rather than naysay; to comfort, rather than condemn; so that even as we find ourselves in an hour of disagreement, we can interrogate, and not castigate. We must foster an environment where every voice is heard and respected,” she appealed.
Further, she is requesting fair process for both Kissoon and Norton.
“The truth will always set us free, and I ask that others step back, as I will, and allow matters to follow the necessary course of action that is appropriate under these circumstances,” Walton-Desir has said.
Following the ventilation of this incident, Norton has denied all allegations. He also has denied ever being alone in a vehicle with Kissoon, and has called on the former MP to come out and speak to the issue.
In her statement, released shortly after Norton’s denial, Kissoon said she had detailed the incident in confidence to third parties “sometime back”, hence it is now been leaked; but this leak is something she did not approve of, or consented to.
“Despite what Mr Norton is now alleging, I have travelled in Mr Norton’s car and under what I considered to be a threat to use a firearm which he had in his possession and showed to me,” Kissoon has said in her statement.
“Mr Norton stopped his car, locked it, showed me his gun in his foot, and asked me, ‘If I put this to your head and rape you, what would you do?’ I responded by saying, ‘I ain’t afraid of you or that sk*nt, and you will have to f*cking kill me’,” she has detailed in her statement.
While she added that Norton did not carry out his threats or desires, she said she has carried the burden of this threat, disrespect, and violation for years.
Conversely, Norton is contending that this recent allegation is a political plot designed to derail his campaign for leadership of the party. He also pointed out that the person who first leaked the allegation is known to be campaigning for one of the candidates vying for leadership of the party.
“I saw a malicious and false post…contending that there’s some allegation of sexual harassment against me. I repeat, it is false and malicious. I wish to make it clear that at no point in my life did Sharma Solomon (PNC member/current Linden Mayor) ever ask me to drop Vanessa Kissoon to Linden,” Norton has said in his defence.
“Secondly, at no time were Vanessa Kissoon and I in any vehicle alone heading to Linden. All of these claims are false and malicious. I wish to call on Sharma Solomon and Vanessa Kissoon to speak to this issue, since failure to do so may suggest that they’re complicit in this false and malicious post”, Norton has said.
Norton is, in this regard, also threatening to take legal action.