…WICB’s Cameron

The Americans call it having “brass balls”; the Jews call it “chutzpah” but we in Guyana follow the stiff upper British lip tradition and call it “having no shame”. Like in “Yuh na gat no shame man??” By this time, dear reader, you should know we’re talking about Dave Cameron, President of the WICB cause you’ve seen the statement put out by this shameless man after the victory speech by Darren Sammy on his team winning the ICC T-20 World Cup tournament.

And if you’re anything like this red-blooded West Indian Eyewitness, maybe by now you’ve recovered from that fit of apoplexy and your blood pressure’s receded. Can you imagine Cameron “APOLOGISING” for Sammy’s speech? APOLOGISING??? What the heck did Sammy say that has to be apologised away?

That Cameron sent the team to start the ICC Tournament without even having uniforms? That their salaries weren’t even set? That key players were snubbed and treated like dirt by the WICB? That the WICB did not even send them a “good luck, boys” message before the final match? JEEZ…Sammy can be accused of holding back his punches – if you really get down to it.

And it’s not just Cameron – it’s the WICB that has no shame. If we were Japanese they would all have found some Samurai swords and fallen on them. But since it’s clear there’s no honour, we hope that in the fallout of Sammy’s showing the Emperor is bereft of any clothes, there will finally be a wholesale shakeup of the WICB.

God knows there’ve been enough attempts to effectuate THAT change. Back in 2007, the WICB itself gathered three wise WI dignitaries – all confessed cricket obsessed – and asked them to investigate West Indian Cricket and make recommendations for bringing it back to its glory days. We’re talking about PJ Patterson, former PM of Jamaica, Alister McIntyre, former Caricom Secretary General and head of UNCTAD and writer Ian Mc Donald. They recommended the WICB, as presently comprised and operated, be SCRAPPED.

The WICB balked (surprise!!) and five years later set up an in-house Committee headed by its Cricketing governance head Charles Wilkins. THEY recommended the WICB as presently comprised and operated be SCRAPPED. Three years later Caricom decided cricket was too important to the WI people to be allowed to drift and established a Committee under Grenada’s PM Mitchell. They recommended the WICB, as presently comprised and operated, be SCRAPPED.

And Sammy’s remarks which just recounted the team’s WICB inflicted travails has to be apologised for?

Bun the shameless Cameron!!

…Photoshopping cover-up

Your Eyewitness has already discussed the shameless fraud conducted over at the Chronic when two kids of one ethnicity was Photoshopped into a front page of Pressie flying kites with some other kids. Only a sick mind would see anything untoward with the latter set of kids being of the same ethnicity as Pressie and needed to be “balanced”. Does any Guyanese – including members of the Opposition – expect any politician to only wade into “ethnically balanced” crowds? Is this the new “politically correct”? So are the minions in the state media authorised to photoshop the “balance” if it’s not on the ground?

The question is “authorised by whom?” This Eyewitness will go out on a limb and assert Pressie didn’t authorise this kind of shameless fakery. So the second, related question is why there hasn’t been an investigation as to who embarrassed Pressie by making it appear he’s so hard up for cross-ethnic support, he needs Photoshopping help??

Time to end this shamelessness.

…perverted criminal

As the fella nabbed for raping a pensioner – after she didn’t have any cash to be robbed – was being brought to court, he screamed out for “President Granger”.

This is the slippery slope Pressie created when he pardoned those sixty convicted “youths”. Didn’t matter it was “only” for phones – it sent the wrong signal.