Shock, sorrow, grief

Dear Editor,
I write to express my deep sense of shock, sorrow and grief over the loss of lives in that terrible fire tragedy in Mahdia. Those affected by this tragedy are in my thoughts and prayers.
I am deeply saddened by the deliberately-set fire that took the lives of 19 and injured several other students, and that has disrupted lives in the entire community, if not nationally. It is incomprehensible that innocent youngsters could be victims of such a senseless arson.
I extend love and compassion to all who have suffered from this very sad and disturbing event. I join the Government and others in mourning the dead and praying for the recovery of the burn victims and those psychologically affected. I thank the Government for rendering all assistance to the victims and their families.
While feeling and expressing grief and sorrow, there is also anger within me that keys to open escape doors were not easily accessible for emergency situations like fires or flooding. Lives could have been spared had the caretakers been more responsible in their handling of this kind of emergency, and if there had been dress rehearsals or drills of what to do during such calamities.
There have recently been several fires in several parts of Guyana, and lives were lost. The country should have learned from them. Caretakers should have been better prepared for fire disasters, as well as other emergencies. A fire or a natural disaster can happen at any time and anywhere. Fire drills should be a regular occurrence at all multiple people’s dwellings, as routinely occur in developed countries. Hope much is learnt from this latest tragedy.
Government should immediately hold drills at all Government buildings, including schools and tertiary institutions, on how to escape fires and other disasters.

Yours truly,
Vishnu Bisram