Single mother found dead in Unity home: DNA samples collected from ‘close family friend’ as probe continues

– suspect was rearrested 1 day after being released

As investigations intensified into the murder of 38-year-old Chooromanie Tulsie, whose body was found in her home at Unity, Mahaica, East Coast Demerara last week, Police have rearrested one man who is said to be close to the family.
This has been confirmed by a source close to the investigation, who added that the alleged suspect and two of his employees had been arrested soon after the woman’s body was discovered. The source stated that when this suspect was arrested, his body was covered with scratches and bruises.

Murdered: Chooromanie Tulsie, also called Anita

However, this man, a businessman, and his two employees were released on Sunday on station bail after the 72-hour detention period had expired. Nevertheless, he was rearrested on Monday after detectives unearthed additional evidence as the probe into the woman’s death continues. The source has disclosed that the man in custody is known for his frequent visits to the woman’s home.
When contacted on Tuesday, the late Chooromanie Tulsie’s sister, Chandrowatie Persaud, expressed the firm belief that the man in custody is responsible for her sister’s death. She noted that upon his arrest, his body had several scratches for which he could not account.
“He told the Police one thing to the other…is like when you tell lies to cover up, your story does swing in all directions…Up to now, with all the lies he telling, he can’t say where he got the scratches…From what we know, is my sister put up a fight, and we believe that the marks were from that encounter,” Persaud added.
She noted that the Police had taken DNA samples from the man in custody. “We are waiting on the results of the DNA samples, and I guess when that comes back, the Police will have a clear idea as to who the perpetrator is…”
Persaud added that the suspect is a close family friend, who has access to the house where her sister was residing.
Tulsie, a former accountant at CAMEX Restaurants Inc, was found stabbed to death in the lower flat of her home at Lot 26 Unity, Mahaica, East Coast Demerara. The mother of one had resided at the family house with her 5-year-old son while her mother and brother are residing overseas.
Tulsie had reportedly last been seen alive at about 19:30h on Tuesday, November 22, after she had collected her son from a family member in the same village. The gruesome discovery was made at about 8:00h the following morning in the lower flat of the house.
She was found lying on the ground with a piece of cloth stuffed inside her mouth and a knife stuck in the centre of her throat. She was clad in a multi-coloured ‘night dress’ which was reportedly pulled up to reveal her body. Her five-year-old son was subsequently found locked in his room.