Skyy Vodka brands to sponsor two-day birth anniversary dominoes tournament

Skyy Vodka, one of the premium brands of that spirit available in Guyana, has consented to support the two-day birth anniversary dominoes tournament which will be held in celebration of one of the sport’s most ardent enthusiasts, Richard ‘Saddest’ Mittelholzer.
During a simple presentation ceremony conducted at the Ansa McAl Head Office in Beterverwagting yesterday, Brand Manager Edison Jefford handed over to Mittelholzer a cheque for an undisclosed sum in support of the activity. In remarks, Jefford said the company was extremely happy to be on board with the activity, adding that its long association with the sport, along with a similar friendship with the organiser, were primary reasons for its involvement in the activity.
He added that the sport of dominoes has elevated itself from being a favourite pastime endeavour previously played mainly among older folks to one that has grown significantly in popularity, and the sport’s popularity is increasing as teams come from all across the country to participate in competitions.

Ansa McAl Brand Manager Edison Jefford handing over a cheque to Richard ‘Saddest’ Mittelholzer

Mittelholzer, who will be celebrating his 48th birth anniversary, thanked the company and Jefford for their support, and promised that the tournament will be conducted in a manner befitting the confidence and wishes of the sponsor.
“We are taking this support seriously, so all teams confirmed to participate in the competition will have to conform with the rules and regulations that will govern the event,” Mittelholzer assured.
Close to $300,000 in prize monies and trophies will be up for grabs in the tournament, which commences tomorrow and ends the following day at the Sparta Boss Square, located behind Rubis Gas Station on Mandela Avenue, Georgetown.
The winning team will receive $150,000, while second and third place finishers take home $75,000 and $40,000 respectively.
Entrance fee is $15,000 per team, while the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the final will be awarded $8,000.
According to the organiser, there will be two Citizen wristwatches up for grabs for the MVPs, male and female, of the preliminary stages. The rules of the competition are as follows: (1) The first three rounds will be played using the points system; (2) the top nine teams will advance to the semi-finals; (3) semi-finals will be played in sudden death in a 1-in-2-out system, and the three teams to win will move on to the finals.
Each team will be presented with a bottle of Skyy Vodka on completion of registration.
Among the other sponsors on board are Grill Kings, YK Pawn Shop, Montcherri Beauty Salon, John Lewis Fashion, and Magnum and Campari.
The one-man band Stitchie will be present at the activity.