So why does the city need all of this money?

Dear Editor,
Once more the Georgetown municipality is singing the tune that the old cow died on, which is that they are again broke and will be unable to foot its monthly salaries bill going forward which amounts to a whopping $120 million a month, This time they are blaming the COVID-19 pandemic and I guess will be showing up at the doorsteps of the Communities Ministry and the National Task Force, cap in hand.
So why does the city need all of this money for just salaries alone when they hardly provide any municipal services to the residents and businesses of the capital city? The abattoir has been out of commission for several months now due to its roof caving in as a result of a crane accident, so cattle owners are not benefiting from slaughtering and other food hygiene services. The incinerator ceased to operate many moons ago with the Central Government having to take over the solid waste disposal responsibilities for the city.
Several daycare centres and crèches have been shuttered in recent years resulting in scores of working mothers in the capital being unable to access care and supervision for their infants and young children whilst they are at work. The municipal markets are not properly secured and are extremely unhygienic, buildings are going up all over the city in violation of building codes and at odds with approved plans. The City Constabulary have all but abdicated their responsibility of securing the city and handed over these duties to the national police.
For years now, sanitary inspectors have stopped visiting the premises of both private and public business property owners to conduct routine inspections of yards to ensure adequate, safe and healthful conditions and to identify deficiencies and violations,  neither are routine inspectional activities of food service establishments to assure safe, wholesome and sanitary food and food products, wherever produced, processed, distributed, transported or served in Georgetown is being carried out, the city is not being fogged for mosquitoes, nor is rodent and vector prevention being practiced.
Roads are not being built or maintained, neither are bridges or street lighting, stray animals are not being impounded. Just look at the awful state of the cemetery. Our drains and gutters are not being dug, nor are our parapets being weeded.
So why does the city need to dole out $120 million a month for salaries and wages? Should they not just slash their human resources by half, by getting rid of half of the super salaried positions, staffed by friends and family? Mr Mayor, do you need all those bloated departments, managers, directors and senior staffers? And by the way, if one should divide a hundred and twenty million dollars by eight hundred employees, one would get an average of one hundred and fifty thousand dollars per employee which we know the constables, sanitation workers, weeders, clerks, gravediggers, drivers, etc do not get. So where are those large sums of money going? To the bigwigs at City Hall or to phantom workers who might have died or migrated?

Jermain Johnson