Softball cricket league formed in Essequibo

The Essequibo Softball Cricket League (ESCL) has recently been formed, and Chairman Wakeel Layne has expressed excitement at this development since the launching last August.
According to Layne, the league, which is led by President Tom Bacchus, is already up and running, with ongoing competitions involving six teams in the over-40 20-over matches.
Layne has also said the ESCL will be having an annual competition in the veterans’ category, and next year he is expecting more teams participating. So far, the ESCL has got the Caribbean Cricket Club, Invaders Masters, Sunrisers Masters, Queenstown Tigers, Ravens Sports Club and Reliance Hustlers participating.

Wakeel Layne

“We want to see the continued growth of softball cricket in Essequibo, and this initiative is very pleasing and welcoming,” Layne, a veteran softball player, has said.
Meanwhile, two former Essequibo cricketers, Rovendra Mandolall and Devon Ramnauth, have commented on the initiative and opined that it would certainly be encouraging to keep the game alive, especially in the midst of the global pandemic.
Both players are currently based in Canada, but always lend a helping hand to cricket in the Cinderella County.
Apart from ESCL officials Wakeel Layne and Tom Bacchus, Rajesh Gopaul has been elected Secretary, while Leema Jaiwan is serving as the Assistant Secretary/ Treasurer.
The championship game is billed for November 21 at Reliance ground, with the winning team taking home a trophy and $60,000. Layne has also informed that other monetary prizes are up for grabs, along with more trophies. Outstanding individual performances will be rewarded as well.