…their own lives
There’s the saying, “Cut yuh nose fuh spite yuh face!” that describes what the Mayor and his City Council are inflicting on their constituents in Georgetown. Ever since the PPP finally took office last August, the PNC machinery has embarked on a cynical programme to “show” that the PPP is discriminating against their supporters. Not a day passes when they don’t concoct one “slight” or another to rile up their base.
Going after the blatantly-illegal giveaways of hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of prime real estate? PPP Victimisation! Charging Patterson and Ferguson for accepting millions of dollars’ worth of “gifts” from the agencies under their control? PPP Victimisation! And don’t even mention firing all the political hacks at SOCU and SARA! Imagine one of their news lapdogs could contrast the news that the PNC had over-staffed GWI by hundreds – while almost tripling the wage bill – with the Government trying to resuscitate the PNC-shuttered sugar estates as an example of PPP’s supposed bias! As if those GWI workers “producing” more water!!
But now they’re taking their mudslinging at the PPP to a whole new level where they’re harming their community –  just to play politics. They started with the distribution of relief hampers to needy communities, where they told their supporters that the PPP was insulting them as “needy hungry-bellies”!! And not only insisting that the Minister of Sport’s outreach to football-playing youths in Buxton was duplicitous but actually having the community insulting the participating youths as “sell-outs”!
And we arrive to the lowest blow of them all – the Mayor and his City Council –- controlled by the PNC since before independence – conspiring to let Georgetown continue going to the dogs just to show that “the PPP hates Georgetown”! With the media and the diplomatic community living in the city, they figure they can SHOW as well as tell about PPP’s “perfidy”! They forget that when the PNC came into power in 2015, they spruced up the city for their Independence Jubilee Bash – and then promptly allowed it to slide back into filth and decrepitude! Even though their employees (and payroll!) had ballooned out of control with the hiring of relatives and friends! (Presumably under the “Volda Declaration!)
So, with the rains rivalling the great deluge of 2005, what does the M&CC do? Well, allow the drains to remain clogged, the canals to remain silted up and the kokers to be closed at low tide –- when the water would’ve been drained! Are they worried about the health risks they are posing to their constituents? Nah!!
They’re chortling over the propaganda effect of showing a flooded city to the world as proof of the PPP’s “partisanship”!

…road users no more?
Fool me once, shame on you…fool me twice, shame on me! The Police just announced that there will be no more random stops by traffic Police just for you to show your documents. How many times haven’t we heard this before? Is it about fooling me a thousand times? Well, not your (jaded) Eyewitness! He’ll believe it when he experiences it and he doesn’t see this happening in this lifetime!
Now you know that when the traffic cop pulls you over now all he’ll do is make up some ridiculous “reason” for doing so. Like “you crossed a yellow line in the road”. Who the heck will you get to say otherwise excepting your wife at your side? And she will be dubbed an “interested party” by the Magistrate if you go to court to contest the ticket you’ll be handed if you don’t produce your papers!
The point being that the Police, who are shaking us down, aren’t “interested parties”!
They “serve and protect” us!

…the Police system
Your Eyewitness just listened to a Zoom programme in which the embattled erstwhile Chairman of the Police Commission did a “slash and burn” on the entire edifice of the GPF.
He ain’t going quietly into the night!