Standing in the way of progress

Dear Editor,
The Opposition and its lackeys are trying every conceivable way possible, to impede the progressive works going on right now in this country. One such area comes in the way of squatters who lie in the direct path of road developments in the Eccles to Mandela four lane highway. The Government for some time now has been in consultations with the squatters as to the possibility of alternative locations, but they are stubbornly refusing to accept the Government’s offer.
They claim that they have occupied these lands for over 30 years now, some with commercial activities of various kinds, and to relocate to some other place would greatly disrupt their livelihood. Well for starters, that land on which they live is not theirs, irrespective of how long they might have been there. They are squatters nonetheless and as such are in no position to dictate, even to the point of extorting monies from the Government in relocating them. The fact is, the squatters have to meet with the Government on fair terms, which is quoted in conflict resolution terms as (BATNA) Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement.
Thus, as a humane and responsible Government, they have given them ample opportunity to relocate to another place, but they are not satisfied with the Government’s offer, therefore, in a bid to maximise profits for their illegal occupancy, they are forcing the Government’s hand. But this cannot happen, because they are on the negative side of the deal, that is, not having any legal standing in the whole affair. Squatters do not own land there, and even if they owned land there (which in this case they don’t) they would still have to come to an agreement with the Government, because they are on the pathway of progress.
But what they are not telling us is that their political advisors have given them the false idea that they can somehow force the Government to a negotiated settlement as the people over at Wales on the West Coast of Demerara, where the mega gas to shore facility would be established. But this is giving the squatters false hope because they cannot equate themselves with those persons in Wales. Those persons in Wales are legal owners and occupiers of land, unlike the people at Pepper Field, therefore there is no comparison, end of discussion!
But like I said in the foregoing paragraphs, the people standing in the path of the massive road works must come to terms with the Government, the sooner the better. We can ill afford a group of squatters playing politics with our country’s development. We must forge ahead with modern infrastructural works as this nation moves forward into the progressive future.
Neil Adams