Starr Computers to soon open kids’ discovery department

Starr Computers Inc will soon open its new Kids Discovery department, which is expected to accelerate more modern classrooms in Guyana through the use of technology.
The new department, located in a section of Starr’s Brickdam location, is scheduled to be opened next month.
According to President of Starr’s, Mike Mohan, the department will be providing smart devices which children from as young as four years old would be able to use.
“On the left hand side of the store you might have noticed an innovation centre; that is a new department we are going to be opening up. We are going to be launching it at the end of the month. We are going to be targeting education and the development of modern classrooms in Guyana,” Mohan revealed.
This would be possible with the introduction of Starr’s economy tablets, which will be sold at affordable prices.
By combining Lenovo with other laser technologies, Starr has developed a new, modern classroom solution. As such, the computer company will also be offering a larger variety of Lenovo products than what has been on offer for the past 14 years.
“The most important thing about Lenovo in Guyana is that they give us tremendous support, so that we could give the customers best type of products that (they) want. Lenovo, towards the end of 2018, (became) the largest manufacturers of computers. This company has been going places, they keep on innovating every year, they keep on changing and upgrading, and they have gotten a much wider variety of choices,” Mohan said.
Mike Thornburn, Caribbean Hybrid Representative of Lenovo, said the company is currently preparing, as Guyana is soon to benefit from the oil and gas sector, to produce high end work stations.
“We partner with oil and gas companies around the world currently, and we produced really high-end work stations that offer them the ability to scale and go out there and find more oil and gas specifically. And so what we are doing with Starr Computers is working with them to ensure that they are ready with parts in Guyana, so that if anything goes wrong, they can service them; and to make sure that they stay up and running throughout that process,” Thornburn explained.