Stirring the pot…

…of terrorism
Not unexpectedly, the US came out swinging at the PNC/AFC Government’s honouring of the terrorist Kadir. They were backed by Britain and the EU, whose innocent citizens have also suffered at the hands of terrorists in recent times. Terrorism – killing civilians to get at their governments – is an especially abhorrent scourge that’s sweeping the world. The Government’s action came on the heels of atrocious terrorist killings in New Zealand and Sri Lanka.
The US, however, mentioned that it was the “National Assembly” that passed the repugnant motion. That’s technically true but there are two caveats to be noted. Only APNU (read PNC) and AFC’s MP’s were present – the PPP had boycotted the sitting. If they’d been there, your Eyewitness is sure their cogent moral arguments against terrorism in general and pulling the American tiger’s tail  in particular, would’ve persuaded a couple of PNC/AFC MPs to vote with the PPP to defeat it.
The second caveat is unlike the US, our Westminster system of government’s Executive is not SEPARATE from the Legislature (National Assembly). Every member of the Cabinet sits in the latter – AND THE Prime Minister (Nagamootoo in this case) explicitly represents the President! This was a PNC/AFC Government’s praise for terrorism. And not only for planning the JFK bombing – but passing secrets to Iran, a state branded by the US as “sponsoring terrorism”!
But sadly, the international public will now see GUYANA also in that light and when travelling abroad we’ll not only get special frisking for drugs, but now special interrogation for terrorist links. And once you get on that list, you’re there till hell freezes over!  That’s what the PNC/AFC have done to all Guyanese. The PNC, through its Chief Whip, desperately tried to extricate itself from shooting itself in the foot by adopting TUC leader Lincoln Lewis’ distinction in search of a difference – that Kadir was honoured for his parliamentary service only!! Wasn’t there a moment of silence back in January for him and two other MPs who’d passed on? They think the world is stupid??
There are some who’re only blaming the sponsor and seconder of the motion for the mess the PNC’s gotten our country into. Well, rendition for sponsoring terrorism might be too harsh, but for sure the US should at a minimum cancel their visas immediately. But they cannot be made the scapegoat: the Chief Whip, Amna Ally, had to’ve approved the motion, and her visa should also be revoked. The motion also had to’ve been on the Assembly’s Order Paper at least a week ago. As such, the honouring of the terrorist Kadir had to’ve been approved by Granger himself!!
Bun dem all!!

…a la Burnham
Now some of his supporters see Granger as some big time military strategist because he attended a couple of courses at some War Colleges. But Granger is more than anything, an acolyte of Burnham, who he speaks of as the greatest strategist since Clausewitz!! Don’t forget that Burnham awarded himself a 2-star Generalship while Granger was just a Lieutenant!!
Granger’s willing to take on the Americans because he’s imitating Burnham from the 1970s and ‘80s. The US was between a rock and a hard place on the communist threat at the time and Burnham could just point to Jagan and run roughshod over then US Ambassadors, like Carlson and King. The US even had to swallow Burnham’s co-op socialist swing!! What Granger seems to’ve forgotten, however, is, as Evan Ellis, professor for the US War College pointed out in his recent visit to Guyana, the communist bogeyman is long gone!! But the PPP and PNC have signed onto the free market regime.
The US now has options to protect its strategic interests!

…for a long time
Back when Buxton-based terrorists took on the PPP Government, they embarrassed the US by kidnapping the latter’s Caribbean security expert Stephen Lesniac and held him hostage.
But the PNC insisted there were no criminals, much less terrorists, in Buxton!!