Stoking divisions…

…on race
Your Eyewitness is very disappointed – but not really surprised – about the continuous harping on “race” by the PNC and their camp followers to “explain” everything negatively perceived as happening in Guyana. In fact, if these accounts are to be believed, race ain’t no variable any longer in our dear mudland, but a constant! Fella gets robbed as he staggers home from the rum shop. Race! Cocaine discovered in saltfish? Race!
So, it wasn’t surprising that when Pres Ali and his team went to Washington to brief our American allies on our positions on the burning international issues du jour, the PNC used their “in” with Democratic House leader Hakeem Jeffries to raise the issue of race in Guyana with the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC)!! Well, actually, it was only Jeffries who said he raised the issue – with a post on his Facebook page. Referring to the meeting with Pres Ali, he wrote, “During the meeting, we discussed several critical issues, including…the importance of an inclusive society in Guyana that involved full economic participation and civic engagement by Guyanese-Africans and Guyanese-Indians. We also discussed electoral reform (and) strengthening democratic institutions.”
This was contradicted, however, by the official release of the CBC which stated they had a “productive” meeting and discussed “a range of global issues, including energy and food security, enhancing regional economic prosperity, and the importance of sustainability and environmental stewardship.” Not a word about Guyana’s internal politics – especially on race!! This, not so incidentally, is the topic that led to their formation to highlight and address racial problems in the USA in Congress. But they are mature enough to understand the protocols of the international order – which the USA has done so much to build – and evolved a general consensus on non-interference in the affairs of independent countries!!
As such, it’s extremely unfortunate that Rep Jeffries is using his bully pulpit to push his personal agenda inspired by his close relations with one of the most rabid PNC partisans in NYC. Guyana suffered for 28 years when the US interfered with our internal affairs because of fears of communists taking over Guyana. The US administrations since have been very careful to stress the importance of democratic governance in maintaining a stable world order. And while it helps with democracy building – as for instance to stand tall to call for the will of the people exercised by their votes to prevail in 2020 – they preach un-substantive non-interference.
Rep Jeffries said he’ll be coming to Guyana with a delegation – at Pres Ali’s invitation – and will be meeting with the Opposition. No problemo!! But your Eyewitness hopes he doesn’t put his foot in his mouth and adopt the PNC’s line on race here – because of his personal friendship.
That ain’t the American way!!

…by the PNC
Back in 2015, the PNC had proclaimed a “post-race” Guyana after they’d coalesced with the AFC to form the coalition that squeezed into Government that year. After decades of insisting they’d “won” elections with massive majorities under Burnham and Hoyte because of their support from all the races of Guyana, Sanctimonious PNC leader Granger conceded his base hadn’t ever expanded! He needed the Indian Guyanese (11%?) from the AFC to make themselves “National”! Never mind that the AFC also insisted it was “multiracial”, like the PNC of yore!
And so the “post-race” PNC promptly overwhelmingly hired only African Guyanese as Permanent Secretaries, Ministers, Government Boards, Contract workers, Contractors (excepting Harmon’s bestie, BK!) and finally fired some 2000 Indigenous Community Workers and 7000 mainly Indian Guyanese sugar workers!! The PNC insisted that those who complained were just racist troublemakers, stuck in the past! Channelling Tina Turner, they snorted, “What’s race got to do with it?”
Does Jeffries know these facts??

…hobbling labour
With Guyana open for business and finally having something the Multi-National Corporations (MNCs) can get their teeth into, shouldn’t the umbrella trade union bodies bury the hatchet and form a united front?