Stop putting politics into discussion about vaccination

Dear Editor,
Certain coalition leaders are dissuading Guyanese from taking the COVID-19 vaccines; they have scant regard for health and life, thus putting the lives of innocent people, even children, at risk. This is presumably to suit their agenda of making Guyana ungovernable under a PPP/C administration.
A WPA member verbalised their intentions, “Undermine the Government!”, which their avid supporters seem willing to do, even if it costs them their lives and the lives of their loved ones.
The escalation of the coronavirus pandemic is decimating families, with seemingly no end in sight for the deadly virus, which seems to be increasing in ferocity, especially in Third World nations like Guyana.
Prior to the advent of the PPP/C Government, there was scant governmental intervention and support for the afflicted in particular, and for the wider society, which had been forced into a lockdown, in general. The pressing needs of Guyanese from every community – for protection from infection by COVID-19 virus as well as nutritional sustenance, the latter need of which ensued from lack of employment and job opportunities – seriously exacerbated by the deadly pandemic, saw President-elect Dr Irfaan Ali mobilising teams countrywide in mask and food distribution exercises, which were appreciated by even coalition-supporting communities, especially in light of the fact that the de facto coalition Government was ignoring their pressing needs while simultaneously illegally expending billions from already depleted national coffers on an unnecessary vote recount and fruitless legal challenges on nebulous and execrable charges of unsubstantiated allegations of electoral fraud committed by the PPP/C.
Worldometer reports worldwide infections, last updated on August 13, 2021, as having surpassed 206,254,882, with fatalities exceeding 4,348,282, while recoveries are numbered at 185,105,477.
Guyana’s population of less than a million has been hard-hit, with a Worldometer update listing current figures at 23,244 cases, with 569 deaths and 21,848 recoveries.
Those rejecting the vaccines do so at their own risk. Harmon and all the coalition leaders are fully vaccinated, and their urging persons not to be vaccinated is putting innocent people’s lives at risk in this parlous state of affairs.

Yours truly,
Anson Paul