Strong winds cause destruction to ECD houses

Due to heavy rainfall and high winds, on Monday, the roofs of several homes were damaged at Dazzel Housing Scheme and Bareroot Village, East Coast Demerara (ECD).
In the aftermath of the heavy rainfall, Police of Regional Division 4C visited to assess the damages.
The roofs of several houses between 18th and 20th Streets were detached.
Meanwhile, between 10:30h and 12:00h, high winds also damaged several houses at Bareroot Village, ECD. Over the past few months, there has been continuous rainfall accompanied by heavy winds.
Several houses along the East Coast of Demerara, interior locations and sections of Georgetown were left without a roof.
In fact, in June, several residents of Sophia, Greater Georgetown, were counting their losses after heavy winds damaged their houses.
Bernard Samuel, 67, of C Field Sophia, Greater Georgetown, was left in shock after the roof of an opposing house was completely blown off and found its way on top of his. This led to a series of damages to his home which he shares with his wife. The entire western side of the roof collapsed.
Earlier in May, a freak storm damaged several homes and utility poles at the Bath Settlement area, West Coast Berbice (WCB).
Families were displaced during the incident which brought heavy rain and forced utility workers and firefighters to respond after power lines fell on fences and were sparking.
The storm caused 17 houses at Plantation Hope and two at Experiment to be damaged. Many were asleep at the time when the heavy winds coupled with rain ripped out zinc sheets from the roofs of some houses.