Students at Tutorial Academy Secondary School attacked by bees

Several students of the Tutorial Academy Secondary School in New Amsterdam were on Thursday attacked by a swarm of bees, and the Guyana Livestock Development Authority (GLDA) has had to take action to remove the bees.
The incident caused classes at that learning institution to be suspended. Some of the injured students were taken to hospital, where they were kept for observation, while other were treated and sent away.

Some of the bees

Reports are that the bees first attacked a security guard at the school. The guard told Guyana Times that the sound of an excavator working in the area had reportedly disturbed the bees, but by the time she had received that information she had already come under attack.
She detailed that she was in the guard hut next to the front gate when a bee entered and stung her in her head. She said she was able to kill that bee, but several others entered the hut shortly after, and she subsequently learned that persons in the school building had also been stung by the bees.
“Is only after (that) I know that when you kill one the others would get the smell and come and attack you,” the woman said after speaking with a GLDA staff.
Sheon Chisholm of the GLDA has said that her team is responsible for the removal of bees. They were able to remove the bees, which were in a clump of bushes next to the school’s fence.
“The bees were in a tyre. It looked like someone was trying to remove them before, but the stuff is still there,” Chisholm explained.
According to the GLDA officer, they were told that someone was operating a slasher in the compound next to the school.
“When we came, we saw the impression, indicating that someone was slashing at School of the Nations, which is very close to where the bees are,” she explained.
There has been no official statement from the Department of Education. However, this publication understands that none of the students had suffered serious injury.