Success squatters were fooled

Dear Editor,
Success squatters, you are being misled and fooled by your leaders and you follow blindly whatever they tell you to do. They tell you to continue to squat in impoverished conditions in a flooded cane field with snakes, alligators, mosquitoes, sandflies etc.
Think about their lifestyles. They drive expensive luxury cars worth millions of dollars. They live in huge luxury homes with air conditioning. They sleep in comfort and security. They eat the best food and drink expensive liquor. Yet they tell you to continue to squat in a canefield without water, electricity, toilet etc.
If they are so concerned about your safety and wellbeing, ask them to spend one day and night with you in the cane field. You know what the answer will be, they would not do it but they want you to continue to suffer.
They are only thinking about what they hope to achieve out of this. Do not believe for one moment that the Government will take you out of the flooded cane field and give each of you house and land. That will never happen. The Government has a plan and is willing to help. Reach out and accept it. I hope you open your eyes and do something for yourselves. Your leaders have nothing to give you. They want to use you as pawns for their own objectives.
One of them just said what your leaders tell you to do, just do it and don’t ask questions. What a leader. Do not be losers like your leaders. Think about what is best for you and do not let anybody take control of your life.

With regards,
Kenneth Seepaul