Suddie Hospital’s VIA room out of order

Females seeking diagnosis of early cervical cancer have to incur additional expenses to travel to the Charity Oscar Joseph Hospital in Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam) to conduct tests, since Suddie Public Hospital VIA (Visual Inspection of cervix with Acetic Acid) room is currently out of order. This was according to People’s Progressive Party Councillor and Chairman of the Regional Health and Sanitation Committee, Arnold Adams.
Speaking at the statutory RDC meeting for the month of July, Adams told the Council that staff attached to the VIA department at Suddie Public Hospital have expressed concern over the condition of the room. Adams said the room is currently in a deplorable condition and medical practitioners in charge of conducting the VIA refuse to use the room. As such, he related the administration of the hospital was forced to stop the testing.
“One staff said that the bed that is used to conduct examinations is shaky, the room is falling apart and the staff said they don’t want any female to be injured since it’s not safe,” Adams told the Council.
Adams further related that this is causing great inconvenience for females and many cases are transferred.
When contact was made with Regional Health Officer Afarah Khan, she said tests are conducted at the VIA clinic at Charity, however she has received reports that females expressed their concern over the long travel. She was unsure as to when the room at the Suddie medical institution will be repaired.
Most women who develop cervical cancer have not had regular Pap (commonly referred to as a Pap smear or Pap smear test) tests. It is important to have a test every two years, so that any abnormal cells are detected early, monitored and treated if necessary to prevent cancer. Regular Pap tests can reduce your risk of being diagnosed with cervical cancer by up to 96 per cent. (Indrawattie Natram)