Suspect confesses to murder

Moments after a 24-year-old Soesdyke, East Bank Demerara man suspected of a Madewini stabbing was apprehended by

Deceased: Puranand Baljit
Deceased: Puranand Baljit

detectives at the Kingston Seawall, he admitted to killing Puranand Baljit in his bedroom on Thursday evening.
The suspect, according to information received, is a known felon in the area who was accused of committing several robberies.
The murder stemmed from a robbery, as was confirmed by the suspect during interrogation.
After Police got a breakthrough in the case on Thursday evening, detectives reportedly went to the home of the suspect where they found a bloodstained knife suspected to be the murder weapon. Reports indicate that the suspect, upon seeing the Police approaching his house, escaped via the back yard. Police ranks went in pursuit of him, but he managed to evade them.
This prompted law enforcement to set up a sting operation whereby they asked his employer to make contact with him to make arrangements for him to collect his wages. During the subsequent conversation, the suspect said he was on the Seawall so the employer agreed to meet him there. The employer then passed on the information to the Police who staked out the area.
As the Police moved in on the suspect, he ran towards the Atlantic Ocean, but detectives were able to apprehend him.
During interrogation, he reportedly told detectives that he had been monitoring the movements of Baljit for quite some time. He said the young man always had many phones in his possession and he wanted to take one.
On the night of the murder, he walked through a bushy track leading to the young man’s home and waited for some time before he carried out the attack. He allegedly knew that the young man slept with his windows open and thought that while he was asleep was an opportune time to carry out the robbery.
The suspect told investigators that as the lights went out in Baljit’s room, he walked towards the young man’s bedroom window and as he looked into the bedroom, he saw several phones on a table. The young man, he said, was asleep.
The suspect recounted that he collected a concrete block which he used to climb through the window. However, while in the bedroom, Baljit woke up and a scuffle ensued between them.
During the scuffle, the suspect claimed that he was chopped to the hand by the now dead man and in retaliation, he collected another knife and dealt one blow to the young man’s neck. As Baljit collapsed on the bed, he continued to stab him. He then took a phone and a laptop computer and escaped through the window.
The injured young man managed to scream once, alerting his father and stepmother who took some time to respond since they were not sure if thieves were in the house.
The investigation was led by Detective Bowman who was praised for solving the murder in such a short time.
The suspect is expected to make his court appearance as soon as possible.
Baljit, 25, of Lot 57 Madewini, EBD, was stabbed at least seven times by his attacker on Thursday about 21:30h. He was rushed to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre where he was pronounced dead on arrival.
Detectives immediately launched a probe, questioning among others two of the dead man’s best friends and one of his girlfriends.
They were subsequently released as the detectives received information about the prime suspect.
Up to the time of Baljit’s demise, he worked with his father at his mechanic shop. He leaves to mourn his father, stepmother, grandmother and friends. (Bhisham Mohamed)