Suspect in murder of Essequibo teen remains hospitalised

The 34-year-old suspect who hacked his ex-girlfriend, Sanesha Subrina Lall to death at her Richmond Housing Scheme, Essequibo Coast home remains a patient at the Suddie Regional Hospital.

Murdered teen: Sanesha Subrina Lall

The man, who allegedly consumed a poisonous substance after committing the act on November 11, 2020, is reportedly in stable but serious condition. This was confirmed on Thursday by Police sources, who also stated that the patient was under guard.
Once discharged, he will be arraigned for the murder of the teenager.
It was reported that on the day in question about 09:00h, the teen was at home when the jilted man showed up at her home and requested to speak with her. Lall’s sister, upon opening the door, informed him that he was not welcome at the house and as such, could not enter, but he reportedly overpowered the 11-year-old and forced his way into the home.
The suspect then ran into the bedroom where Lall was sleeping, whipped out a ‘Rambo’ knife, and dealt her several stabs about the body. From reports received, the teen was stabbed about 20 times.
At the time of the incident, the now dead teen’s two sisters and another female relative were at home.
Upon realising what was happening, the unnamed female relative ran to get assistance but by that time, the suspect ran out of the house and made good his escape in his minibus.
Lall was picked up and rushed to the Suddie Public Hospital, where she was pronounced dead on arrival.
Acting upon information received, Police later found the suspect at the Better Hope Backdam, Essequibo Coast. At the time he was vomiting what appeared to be a green substance. Upon being questioned, he told ranks that he had consumed a poisonous substance.
He was taken to the Suddie Hospital, where he was admitted a patient. A search was also conducted on his minibus, and a bottle and a black Rambo knife were found. The Police investigation continues.
Lall had lost both her parents within the space of several months about two years ago. Guyana Times was told the teen ended her relationship with the self-employed man of Bounty Hall Village on account of his abusive behaviour.
According to a close relative of Lall, the teen had shared a relationship with her killer since she was 14 years old, but he became very abusive towards her and she recently ended the relationship.