Suspect in NA fatal chopping arrested

The suspect in the fatal chopping incident in New Amsterdam on Sunday has been apprehended by Police in Berbice.
Regional Commander Senior Superintendent Shivpersaud Bacchus said at about 11:30h, an intelligence-led operation headed by an Inspector, set up a roadblock exercise at the eastern side of Berbice Bridge Access Road.
The 34-year-old murder suspect of Smythfield, New Amsterdam, who was a passenger of a hire car, was arrested for the murder of Kevin Small Jr.
The Commander said the suspect remained silent after being cautioned but was nevertheless taken to Central Police Station where he was placed into custody as investigations continue in to the murder of Small, which occurred on Sunday at Budhan Housing Scheme, West Canje, Berbice.
Meanwhile, an autopsy performed on the body of Small by Government Pathologist Dr Vevakanand Brijmohan gave the cause of death as shock and haemorrhage due to incise wound to the forearm.
The body of 22-year-old Small Jr called “Padeye” of Patrick Dam, Mount Sinai, was discovered at a home at Caracas – the neighbouring community to Mount Sinai.

Dead: Kevin Small Jr

Reports are that on Sunday morning at about 10:30h Small, Shamar Wilson and another friend left Mount Sinai for the Canje River at Caracas to swim.
Upon their arrival, three other youths approached them, during which an argument ensued, which subsequently resulted in a fight.
In his bid to escape, Small jumped into the river but was grabbed by one of the attackers, who started firing chops.
The Police said Shamar Wilson jumped in to help his friend but one of the attackers turned his attention to him and wounded him with a cutlass.
Reports are that Wilson was subsequently assisted to the hospital.
Meanwhile, Small fled the scene and went into hiding and his body was discovered at a home at Caracas.
The dead man’s father, Kevin Small Snr, told this publication that there were reports of a chopping incident in the community on Friday evening and while he was at a shop in his street on Saturday evening playing games, three youths armed with cutlasses entered.
“My son don’t lime there but they come there looking for other people who they say names calling. They see me and say ‘look he father deh here’ but nobody ain’t try doing me nothing. This morning I get up early because he does sleep upstairs by his mother, get up early to tell he wha going on and me ain’t see he.”
The 51-year-old Small said he went to work and on his way home, he was told that his son was chopped.
“I ask them where he is and nobody could give an account of where he deh. So we launch a search and when we come down at the back here we see he. He does deh in that house – is one of his friend house he does rest; he don’t live there though. They see he brace up at the back on the wall, he didn’t fully dead. He went bleeding and they put he to lie down on the sheet and that is where he pass out,” Small told this publication. (G4)