Suspected bandit shot, accomplice escapes during high-speed chase with Police

An alleged bandit was shot on Thursday afternoon while his alleged accomplice managed to escape during a high-speed chase and shoot-out with Police in Queenstown, Georgetown.
While Police have not issued an official statement on this incident, Guyana Times was informed that the two men were seen by Police officers on a motorcycle, and as the ranks approached them, one of the suspects opened fire, and they both subsequently fled the scene.

The suspected bandit that was shot

In return, the Police ranks opened fire and gave the men a chase through the Queenstown area.
This publication was told that during the chase, Police Officers shot and injured one of the alleged bandits, and they lost control of the motorcycle which slammed into a parked car. The two bandits reportedly fell onto the roadway.
Eyewitnesses explained that due to the gunshot wound one of the men received, he was unable to run while his accomplice fled the scene, leaving him behind.
A video seen by this publication showed a group of Police Officers surrounding the suspect and placing him in handcuffs.
Even though the suspect was injured, he was seen trying to resist Police arrest. He was then lifted out of a bushy area by Police and placed on a bridge, where he was heard crying out for pains.
After being placed into the back of the Police vehicle, the suspect was heard pleading with persons on the scene not to video him. “Boss man, Boss y’all move all the camera nah man,” the suspect cried.
It is alleged that the men were about to rob a business in the area when they were spotted by Police.