Taxi driver remanded for 13lbs of ganja

A New Amsterdam, Berbice taxi driver was on Tuesday morning remanded for narcotics trafficking.
Hybrabad Ally, also called “Zaman”, 59, of Lot 40 Edinburgh Village, East Bank Berbice, appeared before Magistrate Alex Moore in a New Amsterdam Magistrate’s Court.

Taxi driver Hybrabad Ally

It is alleged that on October 9 at Highbury, East Bank Berbice, he had in his possession 13.5 pounds of ganja for the purpose of trafficking.
Ally denied the charge.
Defence Attorney Charrandass Persaud told the court that Ally had dropped off a passenger and then realised the passenger had forgotten a bag in his car and was on his way to take it to the passenger when he was stopped.
He was refused bail, and the case was scheduled to continue on November 4.
The prosecution is contending that on October 9, a party of Police Officers led by Deputy Commander, Senior Superintendent Edmond Cooper, acting on information, went to the East Bank where they saw the defendant approaching in a grey 212 Carina motor car at Highbury. The vehicle was stopped and a search was carried out by Cooper. A white salt bag was found in the trunk, with three transparent bulky parcels containing the suspected marijuana.