Teen abducted by boyfriend after refusing to delete FB account

A 17-year-old girl of West Canefield East Canje, Berbice, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne), was allegedly abducted by her 21-year-old boyfriend after she refused to delete her Facebook account. The incident occurred between Thursday and Saturday last.
Based on reports received, the suspect visited the victim’s home on Thursday and an argument broke out between them over her social media account during which he ordered her to delete it but she refused.
However, the suspect reportedly took the teen’s phone, broke it and threw it over a fence. Police further stated that the suspect started to physically abuse her after which he took out a knife from his bag, placed it to her neck and ordered her to exit the yard.
Fearful for her life, the victim complied. She was then forced into a taxi but despite her making silent signals to the driver, he did not pay attention.
After reaching the suspect’s house, he reportedly locked her in a room in the bottom flat of the building. She was reportedly stripped naked but despite pleas and attempts to leave, she was threatened.
Nevertheless, at about 07:10h on Saturday, the teenager heard voices in the yard which prompted her to push open the door, run out of the room and scream for help.
The suspect, upon seeing the commotion, made good his escape. The young woman was eventually rescued and the matter was reported to the Police. He was subsequently arrested and an investigation is underway.