Teen bandit shot dead by plainclothes cop

…reportedly attempted to snatch chain in Stabroek Market

A 16-year-old was fatally shot on Wednesday afternoon by a plainclothes Police Officer after he allegedly snatched a chain off the neck of the rank’s reputed wife at the Stabroek Market, Georgetown.

Dead teen: Sydel Bourne

Dead is Sydel Bourne, of Agricola, Greater Georgetown.
The incident occurred about 14:20h at the second gate of Stabroek Market.
According to the Guyana Police Force (GPF) in a statement, the Police Officer was in plain clothes and armed with his service pistol at the time. He was with his reputed wife, who was wearing a gold chain, and they were shopping in the Stabroek Market area.
It was reported that the couple were attacked by Bourne, who was armed with a knife and accompanied by two other male suspects.
Although the woman put up a fight, the perpetrators were able to burst the chain off her neck.
The Police said one of the suspects then told Bourne to stab the woman and it was at this stage that the Policeman whipped out his service weapon and discharged a round in the suspects’ direction, hitting the teenager to his body.
The other two suspects managed to escape, the Police said.
The incident was witnessed by vendors who ply their trade outside the Stabroek Market, and sparked outrage.

Undertakers removing the body from the scene at the Stabroek Market

Speaking with reporters at the scene, one vendor explained that she did not see any confrontation between the now dead teen and the couple, and only became aware that something was happening when the armed man ran after the teenager.
According to the vendor, following the shooting, the man picked up his bags and grabbed his reputed wife, and they went to the Outpost to report the incident.
Bourne was pronounced dead at the scene by emergency workers, who had arrived on the scene with an ambulance, but left without removing the body. Undertakers subsequently arrived and removed the body. This was after Crime Scene Investigators cordoned off the area much to the chagrin of vendors and members of the public, who had gathered around to get a glimpse of the body.
Meanwhile, the Police did not confirm whether the knife that Bourne used during the robbery was found on his person. An investigation has been launched. (G8)