Temperature rising…

…in PNC
It had to happen sooner or later – as the pressure rises with the approach of “Recount Day”, some of those inside the bunker are going to go bonkers!! How else can you explain PNC member James Bond’s hour-long rant at his own party’s Polling Agents, for “criminally colluding” with the PPP to rig the elections!! This had been implied ever since the PNC launched their campaign to discredit the elections process by claiming Dead Men Voting; Migrants parachuting into the country from unmarked planes to do the same; folks voting multiple times; 8000 Disciplined Forces ballots not stamped and so on!!
But for this chap, who’s ubiquitously at the side of PNC big-wig Volda Lawrence, to say it openly and so bluntly?? Jeez!! What next?? Fistfights between Basil Williams and Joseph Harmon over who’s been carrying the PNC flag longer?? Amna Ally and Cathy Hughes in a catfight over whose hair is more nattily coiffured??  But sadly, folks, this is only the beginning and it’s gonna get real nasty cause the pressure is coming from both inside and outside.
From outside there’s the threat of sanctions from the west that’s intensifying with signs that Granger and his coterie don’t intend to go quietly into the night. Most of the middle strata have never had it so good – what with the mega salaries; duty free SUV’s, first class tickets to NYC etc – and now see not only the gravy train coming to a screeching halt. It’s enough for a grown man like Bond to lose his cool -especially when he had to live up with cracks about coolness his entire life!!
But the internal pressure must be just as stressful. Now that it’s clear that sooner rather than later the PNC’s going to be banished into the wilderness for god-knows how long, ambition is rising to the fore. The jockeying for the positions to be vacated by Granger, Nagamootoo, Greenidge and the rest of the geriatric brigade is starting in earnest. It’s not just strident rhetoric that will be deployed, but some real dirty infighting that’s coming up!!
Now, dear reader, you may wonder why anyone would want to get onto the deck of a sinking ship. But this is politics – where experience shows that the ship can always be risen to sail for another day.
Wasn’t the PPP in the wilderness for 28 years? And the PNC for 23 years??
So while the fallout from the recount might unfortunately be played out in the streets, the real action will be over in Congress place.
Get out the popcorn…and place your bets!!

…on Mingo’s fraud
Is there no end to the duplicity of Mingo?? His name has now become a synonym for treachery. But some still held out some sympathy: maybe he was just pressured to do the dirty and as such was just made the fall guy for the obscene ambitions of Granger and his coterie? But what was just released proves that he was always on the inside of GECOM working as a PNC fifth columnist with that tight crew of four others in the Secretariat.
Imagine he sent his assistant to several polling stations on the East Coast in the PPP stronghold as the polls were about to close, with instructions that the ‘ancillary paperwork” – which all Guyanese all know by now, thanks to the PNC’s machinations – shouldn’t be placed into the sealed ballot boxes but should be sent to him – along with his copy of the SOP’s.
And he hid, not only the latter but the former. Threatening thousands of PPP votes.
This is high treason and should be dealt with condignly!!

…on the “sanctimonious Granger”
For years, your Eyewitness has been railing about Granger’s oleaginous act. But it seems the word’s out on his true nature. A respected Bajan diplomat to the UN says in the Caribbean he’s known as “Sanctimonious Gangster”.