Thank you again, Mr Pompeo

Dear Editor,
Within the space of less than 48 hours, in the wink of an eye, the dream became a reality and it was over before the fireworks exploded to light up the sky. After all the “hullabaloo,” the speculations, the fears, the anticipations, the predictions and the reservations, the commotion and excitement subsided with the departure of US Secretary of State, Mr Mike Pompeo. Although it was royalty from America, the highest-ranking officer to visit Guyana’s shores, the trip was not celebrated in the regular pomp, grandeur and Guyanese style, all because of the COVID-19 protocols, restricting the splendour of this country’s cultural hospitality and beautiful sceneries to be exhibited in its full glamour. Nevertheless, it was strictly business from the minute the eagle landed. There was no chance for “squandermania at its best” to occur as anything parallel to what the Attorney General in Parliament reflected on from the APNU/AFC party’s handling of a US$8 million justice reform project. Not only did the US Secretary learn about this mishandling but he also was present himself to get first-hand knowledge about the lackadaisical attitude and carelessness of the past caretakers who spent some $1 billion on expired medicines and medical supplies, thus wasting the hard-earned taxpayers’ money. Imagine all that wastage only for the perks involved! How can America ever again have faith and trust with such dishonesty and callousness from the perpetrators responsible for such colossal destruction? No wonder Guyanese from all sides of the political divide were left “hand to mouth,” not knowing where the next meal would come from. Again, he (Pompeo) was privy to learn about the gross mismanagement of GWI, one of the public utilities that were singled out for scrutiny at the Public Utilities Commission by the new Administration, who had earlier relieved their Chairman, one of the politically appointed officers. GWI did not pay GPL for the past two years, having accumulated a $7 billion bill for electricity usage. If you cannot run a utility company successfully, how can you run a country progressively? Shame on you PNC! Secretary Pompeo was privileged to enjoy the circus show that was hosted at the court where the second petition was filed to challenge the 2020 election poll, asking the court to nullify the declaration of Dr Irfaan Ali as President. Imagine the tricksters, defrauders and riggers having the cahoots to want to get rid of a person who went into office legitimately! Oh, what a jovial laugh he must have enjoyed. How preposterous can silliness publicly advertise its vanity! A well-timed PNC propaganda misfired.
But it is good, such a high-ranking American officer could have witnessed the bombastic behaviour of the PNC shrewd characters. Perhaps, now he intimately understands how the callous PNC incalcitrant dragged this country down to its knee and strangled the growth of Guyanese by wasting time while engaging in frivolous and expensive activities. Now he knows how far these ruffians would go, drawing no line for a boundary. If there is one impression that Secretary Pompeo will leave with it will be that the devious past caretaker Government of APNU/AFC led by a heartless President was truly engaged in instability, destabilisation, and was a pack of shrewd tricksters and greedy fraudsters who never had the interest of the people at heart, who never cared for the development of the nation but was primarily interested in fully taking care of themselves and protecting and safeguarding their personal future. Secretary Pompeo made it clear, he has no reason to want to deal with such inhumane characters and America will not hesitate to deal with such monstrosity to protect any friendly nation.
Some Guyanese love this country and genuinely mean well when they rationalise that politicians will sell out the birthright of the land at the expense of the real working mass. While some Guyanese pretentiously fake an impression behind disguised sentiments when they accuse an Administration of rogue activities, knowing fully well that “a guilty conscience speaks louder than words.” One thing is clearly pellucid to the US Secretary of State and that is, he does not want the international community or anyone else to try to convince him that the PNCR is a well-oiled machine dedicated to the cause of undermining the interest of the PPP/C Government and as such, they will continue to destabilise this country in the long run and in the end, it is the poor Guyanese people who will suffer, regardless of political affiliation or ethnicity. So, all the input from the American Government, financial or otherwise, will be at stake and their hard work and effort are subject to be in jeopardy. Will the United States want to risk that or will they implement all preventative methods possibly available? The arms of the United States are long, strong and uncertain. Anyone involved in entertaining the thought of thwarting democracy in Guyana in any form, kind or shape, at any one time or in any part of this loving country that wants to unite and move forward, has to think twice. Thank you again for your visit, Mr Pompeo.

Jai Lall