The barefaced robbery

Dear Editor,
The imbroglio of the March 2020 elections is caused by those who were put to oversee those elections, by their immorality and others. Human beings are the highest evolved beings.
They possess clearly reflected consciousness and this makes them superior to animals. Human beings can distinguish between good and bad with the help of their consciousness and when in trouble they can find a way out with its help.
Those who make false and mischievous statements about dead and migrated people voting in the elections have degraded themselves below the animals.
That includes those who turned a blind eye to all the wrongdoings in the said elections. They all do this for power and pelf. May I remind them that we all have to come back again (re-born again) to recompense for things we do in this present body. The proof of this will take more than a short missive as this, suffice to say, is confirmed by all of the major religions of the world.

Seenanan Sooknanan