The Black Supremacist ideology runs deep in PNC/APNU

Dear Editor,
When Black Guyanese Patriot Samuel Archibald Hinds assented to be the running mate with Dr Cheddi Jagan, there was a plethora of ugly comments coming from the opposition. I am talking about downright nasty criticisms of the man, some of these went like this, a House Slave, a Black J……ss, and a sellout of The Black Race; every negative thing one can think about. However, in a dramatic turn of events, when Dr Cheddi died and Mr Hinds was elevated to the position of president, the very same PNC suddenly changed their position of a castigation to one of praise and adoration for him, he was showered with platitudes such as “Awee bai now,” and Black Man “Pon tap.”
All of that praise comes from a backdrop of the Black Supremacist idea, coined and fashioned by the PNC. This dogma was further enhanced when they demanded that he remain firmly planted in the seat of the presidency and not move an inch. According to them, he was never to give up his seat for the more senior, PPP Candidate Janet Jagan so that she could move up, all of that reasoning bound up in the age-old PNC Dogma of an Afro-Guyanese being at the helm of power for all times.
That Black Supremacist idea is still being practiced today, played out on various platforms by that party, done in that trademark passive-aggressive style, that is, play the victim in a “pity the race” and “nobody likes us stance,” changing that position to one where all matters of national development should be reserved for Black Communities only.
Prime Minister Sam Hinds never bowed to PNC Pressure but maintained a dignified appearance in the way he carried out his duties. He conducted himself with decorum at all times, whether he was in parliament or meeting the people in the community. Well done Prime Minister Hinds, thank you for a job well done.
This same ruse is being worked on our current prime minister, he is constantly being bombarded with the racial epithets of “House slave and a PPP Stooge,” among other derogatory remarks. However, Prime Minister Phillips refuses to be drawn into a mudslinging fight with the lowly PNC, he has set his goals high, and is working along those dignified lines. He too has asserted himself on The Guyana Landscape.
Now, I make mention of an incident that took place when he and Gail Teixeira were on a trip to New York. On that occasion, The PNC Party Hack Rickford Burke took the opportunity to try to embarrass the prime minister. He organised a protest at the entrance to the conference hall where Prime Minister Phillips and Ms Gail Teixeira were scheduled to hold a meeting.
The PPP/C activist Ossie Rodgers then advised the prime minister to divert to the back entrance to avoid the mob, Prime Minister Phillips’ response to that backdoor entrance option was a definite no, he said “I am going through the official front door as was planned.” The paltry mobsters could only muster a faint “House Slave,” to which the prime minister kept on his way unperturbed. When the agitators entered the hall, they were most disciplined and drank first-hand information about their home country. Thus, a hostile gathering that was riled up to create a scene, was tactfully reduced to one that was calm and attentive to the prime minister’s educated address.
The point I am making is, that the race that leads, is of little importance to anyone looking at the politics of Guyana today because just like the American System there are set rules and guidelines with which a leader has to follow. Whoever the individual chosen to lead must do so with equity and justice, that individual would have to govern for the good of all Guyana. There will be no tribalizing of our country, as set plans and policies are made and carried out as a team.
So, while The PNC drifts backward with their race politics, The PPP/C moves forward in a “One Guyana” theme

Neil Adams