The campaign…

…and the real PNC
This elections campaign hasn’t been kind to the PNC – it just intensified the deconstruction that’s been ongoing over the past five years! The PNC, of course, had NEVER won an election on its own over the sixty-plus years it has been around!! Losers!! While most folks have blamed “race” politics, for this shameful state of affairs, it’s more a symptom of their fundamental fatal flaw: a despotic drive to suck up all power like a black hole!!
Their carefully crafted facade to camouflage themselves with strategically placed “coalition” partners to hide their sins might’ve worked for the 2015 elections. But it fell immediately apart because of the nature of the beast!! Granger, you see, Dear Reader, wasn’t socialised in the party-wing of the PNC’s triumvirate power institutions – where he might’ve picked up the art of pretending to share power. He came up through the army route, where to be questioned in a decision was to commit treason!! And be shot in a firing line!!
Problem is, discussion, debate and compromise are the essence of coalition government – which Granger insists he created to solve our divisive politics! “All for one and one for all,” he shouted on the campaign trail!! What his erstwhile partners soon found out was that what Granger actually meant was that PNC was the “one”. As in, “All for the PNC and the PNC is all”!!
Interestingly, it was the one-man WPA party – which had provided the initial cover for the PNC – that complained Granger wasn’t listening, much less consulting, nobody! The WPA was pissed because they’d been the chief cook and bottle washer in getting Corbin to step aside and install the (politically) unknown Granger to head the “old wine” in the “new bottle” called APNU. And now Brigadier Granger had the chutzpah to treat them like…erm…privates!!
The AFC, after one desultory resolution to “demand” their rights under the Cummingsburg Accord, folded their tent when Nagamootoo not only accepted the Larwah Granger handed him, but showed all signs of wanting more!! They became the PNC’s footstool! And so now that the PNC has had to claim once again on the campaign trail that it is really working with a coalition, their pretences have been laid bare!! Emperor Granger has no real coalition PARTNERS – merely facilitators of his rule!!
Granger surprised some when he blurted out he can CONSTITUTIONALLY strip any dual citizen of their Guyanese citizenship. Harold Lutchman, the head of the APNU+AFC list in 2015, just reminded us that Granger can also CONSTITUTIONALLY name anyone he wishes as the PM if he were to get back into office.
A hint to Beneba mek Quashie tek notice.
Reject the anti-democratic Granger come March 2!!

…of blame
Unable to point to any significant achievement after five years in office, the PNC’s resorted to blaming their failures on the PPP!! After running the most productive bauxite operations into the ground following Burnham’s nationalisation frenzy, the PNC’s blaming the PPP for bringing in RUSAL to run the Berbice operations!! Imagine that – when it was the PNC under Hoyte who couldn’t find a buyer and threw up their hands!!
But if it’s OK to blame the PPP for bringing in RUSAL to Berbice, shouldn’t they be praised for bringing in Bosai to Linden?? What gives?? And then they’re blaming the PPP for squandering our oil patrimony because Janet Jagan signed a generous EXPLORATION contract in 1999!! Never mind that a) Guyana was a real frontier oil state in 1999; b) Trotman signed a PRODUCTION contract in 2016 AFTER oil had been struck and c) even the exploration contract was about to expire!!
But who’ll they blame for the filthy state into which Georgetown had reverted??
The PPP isn’t the central govt!!

…of absurdity
In playing the blame game, the PNC’s taken it to bizarre levels when they blame the PPP for the killing fields of 2000-2008.
So, the PPP created the Resistance Fighters of Buxton that launched the mayhem??