The entrepreneurs making a business of fun

Playtime and cupcakes; delicious fruits and gifts. Who would not want to be enjoying those, particularly during the long August vacation: But for some entrepreneurs like Athalyah Yisrael of Fun Park Rentals, Devi Mulai of Dessert Delights and Indra Mekdeci of online gift shoppe Reminiscence, fun is serious business. Here are their tips for succeeding in business:

Play to your strengths
“I really like children… They make you so happy around them; there is never a dull moment,” says Yisrael, who has co-founded another company Outliers Zone, which provides financial advice intended to create generational wealth, with a special focus on teaching children financial responsibility . “I believe success comes when you become your greatest self….”
Mulai, who started her business at home out of her love for “baking and cooking the fancy things”, agreed.

Start small
“Walk before you leap – Do not overextend yourself financially, most businesses fail within the first year in operation, because they overspend and do not get a solid return on investment as they first proposed, [and] have a back-up plan, as an entrepreneur you must be able to adjust to market demands,” Mekdeci stressed.

Build a winning team
“I have also gained a lot of insight into choosing the right partners. My biggest lesson by far is to trust others; I now believe that to be really successful, you do better in numbers. Everyone wins,” she noted.

Embrace failure as necessary to success
“To succeed you have to fail. People [wanting to get] in business have an illusionary idea of business….Learning to overcome failure is a lot of what it takes to succeed,” she noted, adding that resilience (to keep getting up in the face of failure) and nurturing your leadership quality (to inspire a team to bring your vision to life) are the most important traits of an entrepreneur.
“I live my life like a GPS. I put in my destination…I may make a lot of wrong turns, but I reroute to get to my final destination.”
While Mulai said: “Always keep trying. ‘Cause every failure is another step towards success. You love doing something? Push towards it. There will be room for mistakes, but with every try, you only get better.”