The finger-pointing must stop

Dear Editor,
It is of no use to the Guyanese people to hear the extensive rhetoric from both sides of the political aisle concerning the current poor condition of the electricity sector.
I recently listened to a speech given by the minister in charge of the sector concerning the history of installed capacity and demand. What was painfully obvious was the lack of clarity on what took place from 2020 to 2024.
If it was clear as to where demand was forecasted to go over the last 10 years, then installed capacity should have been already online, in order to stay ahead of that forecasted demand. What is being accomplished in 4 weeks should have already been achieved during the last 10 years.
Both sides of the political divide have fallen asleep at the wheel when it comes to ensuring no interruption in electricity for the Guyanese people. We must regain focus on providing timely solutions using experienced partners and personnel who can reliably deliver a sustainable solution.
Enough of the finger-pointing! It doesn’t help, nor does it add value during a time of crisis. The facts are that we now have more money, and more oil and gas, yet we still have the electricity problems that have been a problem since the time of the embargo. Improved management is needed. We must do better. We must expect better. We can do better.
With concern,
Jamil Changlee