The Govt deal, the PM and the AFC

Dear Editor,
I am compelled to write this second letter to the print media since the Government took office in May 2015. I am much frustrated and concerned as to the way things are going under the Government and especially in the AFC, which I am a member of, based in Berbice.
Over the past several weeks we have heard, seen and read in the print and digital media the jiggery story of the corrupt bond deal made by the Minister of Health. The Minister now seems to get full support of the cabinet and the A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) Government for having this secret deal inked.
To my surprise, the President cannot fire the Minister, all because he was and recently re-elected as one of the VC for the PNCR, so they cannot fire the man because he holds a top PNC position.
But to my surprise the AFC is quiet on this matter. Why? The Prime Minister (PM) told us during the campaign trail that he will be given the responsibly for domestic affairs in Guyana. It seems as if this matter is not of domestic affairs but international.
The PM should have recommended that the Minister be fired for being involved in a corrupted\shady deal. Moreover, the Minister accepted that it is a corrupted deal and that he misled the entire nation. But the PM sits on a cabinet sub-committee to investigate the matter and came out defending the corrupt deal, although the Minister of Health accepted that the deal is a shady and corrupted one, he takes full responsibility.
What is the AFC’s position on this matter? I truly think that after the PM came out and defended the deal, he told the AFC to shut up and allow the matter to be sweep under the carpet. So the silence of the AFC speaks for itself.
The AFC is going slowly, but the top brass of the party wants us as members and also its supporters to believe that the party is strong. That’s a lie; the party is heading down the drain.
The PM, who fooled us to believe that he is in charge of the domestic affairs, is doing nothing to enhance Guyana domestically. I hope the rest of the leaders, especially the founders that are alive (Khemraj and Trotman) in the AFC will try as hard to ensure that those who remain in the AFC are being safeguarded from this domestic leader.
If the PM is in charge of such in our land, then here are a few questions for him and the AFC: Why is it that after the resignation of Dr Ramayya, he (PM), or the Government and AFC never talked of the issue publicly? Why is it that the APNU/AFC regional councillors are not supporting the region 6 REO? Why is it that the APNU/AFC joined the PPP to move a no confidence motion against the REO? Why is it that APNU/AFC neglected Berbice after 2015 elections? Why is it that the AFC is silent on important matters in Government? Why is it that Dr Norton wasn’t fired? Why is it that youths are neglected under this Government? Why is it that the PM has no say as to who must be fired when found corrupt? Why is it that APNU members are taking advantage on the AFC in both regions 5 and 6? Why is it that there is no re-shuffling to the regional tender board in both regions? Why is it that only a few people are getting the contracts regionally? Why is it that one contractor in Region Six is getting almost all the work? Why is it that one APNU councillor is controlling the entire Region Five affairs? There are a lot more questions but those will be asked later, as I now plan to become a frequent letter writer.
The AFC is slowly exiting the political scene and the APNU has to be serious about 2020. In Berbice, Region Five and Six, the AFC is losing its grounds. Everyday people are talking of the neglect by the AFC leaders.
My advice to the APNU is to hold strong to those that the AFC are pelting away, because I can assure you all, come 2020 the AFC will bring less votes to the coalition. The APNU needs to rethink 2020 because the PM and the AFC seems to be going down the drain.
Start the reform now… 2020 is near.

James Fraser