The lengths some people would go to defend a colossal wrong

Dear Editor,
A major casualty figure of the brutal PNC Regime was the murder of Dr Walter Rodney. His death marked the ultimate length a dictator could have gone to grind his opposers into the ground. There was no space for a Walter Rodney in a Guyana that Burnham was fashioning for himself.
Those who were supporters of the WPA party were also sad recipients of that rampage. Many had to flee for cover, as a relentless campaign of brute force was waged to rid “His country” — as Burnham called it — of subversive elements. It was the worst of times.
After suffering such ignominy, everyone is at a loss at the stance taken by one of Rodney’s survivors, David Hinds. He has taken up the robust position of a servile supporter in the house of his oppressor. He stoutly defends every move and every statement made by the PNC. He pledges allegiance to the oppressor, defending that colossal wrong done to himself and his party. It therefore churns the innards of an educated audience when this man speaks.
Hinds might be of the mistaken belief that he is getting through to the people out there; rather, he is making that huge mistake of exhibiting his emptiness in public.
We are all familiar with the fact that people who, for decades, have been sworn enemies could finally sit together and dwell together in an amicable atmosphere. However, when one of the calibre of David Hinds could enter into that pathetic position with his oppressor, comprehension is eluded!
Hinds has taken up the position of being an accuser of the PPP/C Government. He claims that the party discriminates against people of colour. He asserts that the PPP/C fosters partisan politics, and as such has the African race subjugated, or being treated as second-class citizens.
Hinds is simply regurgitating the PNC vomit of blaming the misfortunes of the African race on the PPP/C Party. This is furthest from the truth, as the real facts debunk his theory. The greatest strides made in the Black Community were made during the reign of A PPP/C Government. We are speaking of progress in housing, squatting was regularized, and more Blacks became owners of their own homes during the PPP/C years. Salary increases became a regular feature for public servants, a place populated mainly by coloured people.
We bring into focus “The Because We Care Programme,” where the demographic analysis shows a certain race benefitting greatly. It is an undeniable fact that Black People made more progress under a PPP/C Government than they ever did under the oppressive PNC. Poverty and mendicancy existed; this was permanently removed when the PPP/C Government came into office.
As I hasten to a close, I would put this question to Dr Hinds: Since the PNC so loved the Black Man, why did Dr Rodney die? Why did he meet an untimely death? But before Hinds makes himself more foolish in suggesting an answer, I would voluntarily give him one: Rodney went against the grain of the racist bigot Burnham, and for that reason he was given a summary execution.

Neil Adams