The looming crisis

Dear Editor,
We are headed for a constitutional crisis because Granger and his band-wagoners are bent on circumventing the clear and unambiguous letter of the law. They are bent on holding on to power no matter what the cost, so the usual T-dancing on non-essential and illogical issues that have nothing to do with the clear set mandates in the Constitution continues.
I see disgraced lawyer Nigel Hughes giving his nonsensical opinion on the same issue also, he is postulating a “what if” scenario. There is no “what if” scenario to the successful passage of a no-confidence motion, what I can safely tell Nigel and friends is that the Constitution of Guyana has no ‘what if’ attached to its clauses. The matter of a no-confidence vote being carried has the attending consequences for the sitting Government and that is final.
Now, there can be an extension to the March 21 date but that is dependent on the consent, and I repeat, the consent and approval of the Opposition. I know The Granger folks do not like to hear this because, in their book, the Opposition should have no say in the run of things in this country. But the way the Constitution is written, this cannot happen, they must seek education and legally guided reasoning from the Opposition. At every step of the way, the Opposition must be quoted, this is shared governance at its best. So, poor Granger is at his wit’s end as to the way forward.
Well, a sound suggestion to the President to ease the stress is, set a date for the election, you still have time. Stop listening to the hardliners in your party and set a date, it will be the most enlightened decision you would have made in your entire career.
The Constitution further prescribes: The President and Cabinet shall resign and announce a date for elections within 90 days. That is so clear. That 90-day ends when the clock strikes midnight on Thursday, 21 March, 2019, and if an election date is not set by that time, the Government becomes an illegal entity, a squatter, if you please. All squatters have to be evicted, chased out of their place.
I do not think the PNC would like that impending crisis to settle in because it would be dark and gloomy for all members of that illegal entity called the PNC-led coalition.
No court of law can overturn what is clearly etched out in the Constitution, so Mr Granger, come on, do the right thing.

Respectfully submited,
Neil Adams